Sunday, 24 July 2011

tk maxx strike again!!

Aloha Rosettes!
Firstly, apologies for being M.I.A recently.
I have been stupidly busy with both jobs also a lot of my friends are back from uni, and my mom has been in hospital so I literally haven't had 5 minutes to sit and write a blog.
My views have dropped quite considerable due to this, and that make me sad :(

It's now 6:45 and I don't have anything else to do tonight so im gonna try and blast through a few blogs as I have a few things to haul and some reviews to do, and fingers crossed you'll all come back and read them, as I do miss you all :D

So, whilst I have been away from blogging I have been shopping a few times. And as the title suggests, I did go on one of my missions to TK MAXX. I intended to but some sandals/ flip flops for holiday. And did I come out with any? NO. I came out with 3 things I didn't really need, but wanted....BADLY.

The first two are make-up items and were absoloute BARGAINS (and I love a bargain a lot!)
The first is NARS sheer matt foundation in light5. Now I know it looks pale, but it;s a bit darker than it looks in the bottle. Matt foundation is also not a type a use a lot as I already have dry skin, however, as summer comes and goes, and comes as goes (as it does here in England), Matt foundation is great for stopping your skin looking sweaty and shiny in the heat. Another plus point is that I got this for an absoloute steal. It was reduced from £29.95 to £7.99. No joke. Where else are you ever going to find a NARS foundation for £7.99. To say I was chuffed with that bargain is an understatement.

The second is the stila bronzer. I recently brough the new bourjois bronzer and was slightly disappointed with it so when I saw this I thought it was worth a try. This was reduced from £13.95 to £3.99. Again a bargain. And so far I have loveddd this bronzer, way more than any other I have tried.

The last thing I bought were some jeggings.

Thats an awful photo. But the reason I got these was because I was tired of buying leggings and then the bum area  fading and going see through on them. These are a very plain black material but are quite thick so aren't going to end up thread bare. They also have cute dimante details on the pockets as well. These will be great worn as you would jeans or leggings so I was very happy with those for £16.00.

Prior to this I had been to primark and picked up some jewellery (and some t-shirts but they're in the wash unfortunately)

The first ring stack was around £2.50 I think. I don't really like the pearl one or the dimante one so have just been wearing the Rose and the Bow.

The bangle is soooo pretty. It was £2.50 I think.

Next I went to topshop and picked up some more jewellery and a lip stick.

The ring was in the sale for £2.50 and is just a beautiful turqouise stone on a thick gold ring.

I then got this necklace.

I loved this. The main reason I got it is because I was a huge fan of the sideways cross trend that went around youtube, started by the amazing lollipop26. However, I felt it was slightly over done and wanted something in the same kind of style. When I saw this I fell in love. It's a bit daintyer than the cross, but still has a wide charm linking the necklace together at the centre of the neck. The chain is quite small. This cost £5!

I also picked up a lip stick, this comes in the form of a lip crayon and is a very pretty light coral colour called COY. This cost £8. I also went into H&M and picked up an eye crayon in taupe. This is a really pretty shimmery browny colour thats great for your inner corner. This cost £2.99

here's swatches of each:

So thats it for my hall. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below and follow me and I will try my best to comment back and follow back.

Thanks for reading



  1. WOW i cant believe you got that nars foundation for 7.99!!!!!!! great find!!

  2. WHAT £7.99 :O I want it!!! great haul :)

  3. Awesome finds! :) Which TK Maxx was that? So I can go investigate ;) Great post x

  4. i found a nars lippy! wasnt lucky enough to spy a foundation! I am gonna investigate my local tk maxx again! :) x

  5. The jewelry is so beautiful! I love those rings, I want them!

  6. ooh I've been neglecting TK MAXX recently but this has definitely inspired me to go back and have another hunt! :D

  7. I love pretty dainty jewellery, good finds x

  8. :O I NEED that bracelet in my life and £7.99 for Nars that's a steal.

  9. That stone ring is gorgeous,,, so obsessed with that colour!! You got such a bargain too, well done! x