Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Quick Update

Hola Rosettes
I really am struggling to find the time to write, upload and check blog posts atm. So expect to see something a bit different from me very soon :D!!

Im so glad I still have loyal followers and people are still commenting on my posts.

I am passsionate about my blog it's just a struggle to find the time at the moment as im currently juggling 2 jobs and uni with some vague attempt at a social life. So spare time is a little bit sparce at the moment and I feel guilty not spending as much time as I should on uni work.

 Im making a concious effort to talk to you guys more and this time I promise it's for good.

Look forward to seeing y'all soon :P

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Favourites

After a couple of weeks of the ball im getting back on it and doing my August favourites before the month of August is actually over (only by a few hours)

So here are just a few things i've been loving this month and the reasons why!


  1. ELF Stipple Brush ( The brush head is a lot smaller than it looks on the photo).
I adore this brush for applying foundation. It gives a really great light coverage and buffs your foundation in nicely. It's as good a quality as any MAC brush or higher end brush you could pick up for a teeeny weeny fraction of the price. This was in a half price sale at thetime of purchase and cost me just £1.75 (RRP £3.50). You can purchase this at ttp://

     2. Chanel Viatlumiere aqua foundation in B10 beige- pastel

Your probably all sick to the back teeth of hearing about this foundation. So all i'll say is that it's a beautiful, light foundation with moderate coverage which doesn't clog my pores at all.
     3.) Bourjois Volume clubbing mascara in Ultra black.

This is a great mascara for adding volume and curve to your lashes. It is quite clumpy, but in a nice way. I love the effect of this. Plus it doesn't smudge or transfer throughout the day.
     4.) ELF mineral eye liner in Black
This just has a really nice creamy formula that transfers onto the eye well and stays put for hours. It's also a very rich black so gives a great smokey effect.

    5.) Bourjois 3D effect lipgloss in Rose Pacific
I adore this lipgloss firstly for it's rosey coral colourm that appears translucent on lips giving a really nice glimmer of colour to nude or coral lips. It also is a totally non sticky formula so glides on easily and lasts longer than expected!

    6.) Vera Wang Love struck perfume

For all the lovers of Vera Wang Princess there is a new girl in town. The Sweet and musky aromas of Princess remain in this new addition but it is now accompanied by more grown up floral and citrusy undertones. I actualy prefer this to princess, and I am a long time lover of that fragrance but I do feel that this one has a much more grown up feel  about it, even though it stills bares a girly and pretty tone. The fragrance is not quite as sweet as princess but is slightly more musky. The fragrance is a lot more delicate and light but is equally beautiful. Im pretty rubbish at describing perfumes so im going to cut myself of here before I make a fool of myself.

So that was a very short selection of products I've enjoyed using this month.

I hope your enjoying reading my blogs again and if you want to see more let me know in the comments section.

Much Love

Product Rave! BB Cream

Hola Rosettes.
In today's blog im going to review the new sensation that is beauty balm a.k.a BB cream!
I heard about this new revolutionary cream whilst reading a magazine, and after reading what it claims to do I felt I had to try it.
BB cream originate from Korea and was originally used to sooth skin that had been cosmetically treat. Of course, A high percentage of people who had been through such procedures were well known and famous names, and after discovering the great effects of BB cream ('Beauty Balm') retailers and buisness men/women saw dollar signs in their eyes and began to sell the product itself to a wider audience. It has now become a phenomenon within Asian women and is slowly making its way into  more global markets in the UK, USA and Europe.
So, a lot of 'beauty balm' creams retail in the higher price bracket. BUT, whilst shopping in Birmingham I spotted this product for sale in Superdrug....
This is the 'Daily All-in-one B.B. cream' by Garnier. It currently retails at £10.00 but im not sure if the price is going up after the introductory season. The product claims to give you 'Immediately perfected skin' in the following 5 areas:
Evens tone + boosts glow.
blurs Imperfections,
Smoothes fine lines,
24 hr hydration,
SPF 15 UV protection
The product comes out very thick and has the consistency and color of a tinted moisturiser. Once blended it leaves a nice sheen on the skin and gives a coverage slightly better than you'd expect from a tinted moisturizer. It is a lot thicker than usual and takes a bit of getting used to. The product also targets uneveness in the skin and will dampen the appearance of any acne scars or spots. If you have good skin you can simply use this product on it's own for resounding results, a nice coverage and a dewyy glow. And these are just the immediate effects...
After using this product for a week I have noticed a HUGE change in my skin. It's a lot more even and hydrated. Foundation appplies a lot, lot easier and smoother. The texture of my skin is better and any red spots are a lot less pigmented. The coverage of the product also means I have to use a lot less foundation so my skin isn't caked with make up and I have a lot less blocked pores and blackheads.
I simply cannot rave about this product enough. It is the best £10 I have ever spent and a true skin investment. I can totally understand why this has become such a beauty phenomenon. I would recommend it to anyone. The product comes in Light, Medium and Dark shades so there is something for everyone. It really will work wonders for you. I PROMISE!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

10 Quick Tips

Hola Rosettes

So my posts have definitely been flacking recently,

in both quantity and quality!!

So I thought I'd try and upload a few simple blogs that are quick and easy to write, that hopefully you will all find interesting.

The first in my string of shot blogs is my 10 Quick Tips blog.

Here I'm just going to give you guys 10 simple beauty related tips you may not have known before.


1.Massaging your scalp before shampoo will loosen all dirt and loose skin and therefore make it easier to wash away when you do shampoo. I suggest doing this for 30 seconds at the start of your shower under running warm water to give a deeper clean.
2.Conditioner needs time to be absorbed into your hair, simply applying it then rinsing it off will not give it chance to fulfill it's potential. I tend to leave my conditioner in whilst I clean my face and body, this gives it chance to nourish your hair and leave it soft and glossy.
3. Water is probably the best thing for your complexion. Skin often get dull, dry and spotty because we are dehydrated and therefore our complexions suffer. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin and body fresh and hydrated. If you struggle to drink water try carrying a water bottle round with you. When you get thirsty it's their to hand and is easy to fill up. You'll probably find you drink more than you realise.
4. Even a cheap nail varnish can look good if you use a decent base and top coat. I've made the mistake of not using a base or top coat for years and always been disappointed at the quality of my nail varnishes. I would strongly recommend investing in a decent top coat. For a cheap and effective one use barry M nail hardener, base and top coat (R.R.P around £3.00), if you want a slightly better but more expensive one try one by sally hanson, especially 'hard as nails' (these retail between £6 and £10), then for a more luxurious one try the OPI one, which will vary strongly in price depending where you get it from. I recommend ebay!
5.To get more volume in your eyelashes, before applying the mascara bring your wand as close as you can to the root of your lashes and wriggle back and forth, then rotate the wand a bit to get some more product onto the lashes. The quantity of product will lift the roots and set them in an elevated position so not only will your lashes have volume now, but it will stay there all day. You can continue the wriggling and rotating motions to get a thicker lash if wanted.
6.You don't have to invest in an expensive spot cream to get rid of spots. There are many household items which can transform into miricale spot cures. My two favourites are sudacrem and toothpaste. I find if you dab one of these on a spot over night it will draw out a lot of the redness and help smooth out its appearance.
7. EBAY! I  buy a lot of branded items of ebay, because a lot of wholesalers on their are cheaper than what you could get in the shops. Obviously wholesalers don't have to pay rent or staff a lot of the time so their comission and profit on a lot of the products are cut because they can afford to sell them cheaper. You do have to beware of fakes but feedback can help you with this. Firstly check the photos and compare them to those on the brands website (if there photos that have obviously been found on the internet don't bother and be very wary), also check the feedback. People aren't stupid, if they;ve accidentally bought a fake they will say in the feedback.  A lot of people who wholesale make up on ebay do it in vast quantities so have a lot of feedback, it is obvious whose real and whose not! Thirdly, if the price is to good to be true, the majority of the time IT IS!
8.Google shopping is a great tool for finding cheaper products. What I do is type in the exact product I want, whether it be perfume, make up or clothing and sort the prices from low to high and you can usually find some great deals! And the difference in prices is amazing! You also may find some new internet stores!
9. Don't store your brushes and your make up together. I hate it when your make up gets covered in a loose powdery dust etc, so I've found keeping your brushes seperate to your make up keeps the packaging a lot cleaner. It also means you don't have heavy items of make up bashing on to your brush bristles and bending them and damaging them into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes.
10. If your nail varnish has been left with the lid slightly off and turned into a gloopy mess there is one life saving method. But I would literally recommend this for the nail varnish's last use, and nothing else. If you pour a bit of nail varnish into the pot and shake up it will loosen the texture and you will have a nicer consistency of nail varnish. However, throw it out after this use because the products will seperate and go funny after a while!!

So that was my top 10 quick tips.
If you want more blogs like this let me know
Hope you've had a nice weekend!!


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday Essentials

Hello Rosettes,

So as I told you in my last blog I did spend last week on holiday,

I was only sunning it up in Newquay so obviously climates etc weren't very different

I was camping!
Which called for a lot of help from products which didn't require heat or electricity in order to maintain an acceptable appearance.

Here are just a few of my saviours from the week,

Umberto Giannini Flirty curls Scrunching Jelly

I had wanted to try this product out for ages as I am a huge fan of curling my hair, so I picked up a travel sized bottle from boots recently. This was definitely one of my saviours during my holiday. I couldn't use heat or styling tools on my hair so I needed something that would give it a bit of shape and style without using electricals. This product really gives a lot of lift and texture on the ends of your hair and does so without leaving a crunchy residue. The appearance of your hair after use looks natural and lasts all day. I really enjoyed using this and it's extremely handy when your on the go.

Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Moisturised Shampoo and Conditioner

I've always used head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner because I have quite sensitive scalp. However, on the same trip to boots I noticed both Head and Shoulders and Trevor Sorbie were in a 2 for £6 deal. Trevor Sorbie being the more luxurious competitor in this instance, so obviously I went with that choice. And im oh so glad I did. This duo really adds moisture and shine to your hair and helps to combat frizz and fly aways. It leaves such a smooth sleak finish whilst leaving your hair feeling weightless and volumized. It is all I could ask for in a shampoo and conditioner. The smell of it is the standard Trevor Sorbie one, which im not to keen on - it's rather chemically- but apart from this I love the effect it gives and how it's not to strong to irritate my scalp.

I LOVE ALOE VERA GEL. There. I thought i'd just say it. As someone with pale skin it is inevitable that I burn on holiday. Whether I go to the maldives or Scotland, I will burn, no doubt about it. So I have always taken some kind of aftersun with me. A couple of years ago I discovered Aloe Vera gel after a very painful experience with a sunbed and since then I have never looked back. The pictured gel I picked up in America and it had Lidocaine in it, this is probably the best one i've tried. However the UK's leading brand, I believe, is Banana Boat who do a great job as well. Aloe Vera gel is totally natural and not only does it help combat the burn it is ridiculously soothing. I definitely recommend it for anyone out there preparing to get burnt this summer!!

Barry M Topcoat Basecoat and Nail Hardener.

I do like to have painted summery nails on holiday but the sand and sea damage mean keeping your nails immaculate is a bit of a ball ache. However, this top coat really hardens your nails and leaves your varnish looking shiny and sleek. Another great thing is that, unlike many other top coats, this takes a matter of seconds to dry so you don't have to sit still for hours.
For the past few weeks I have been using the proactive skincare range, but on holiday I found it a bit of a hassle to keep on top of a skin care regime and sometimes I just needed a quick solution. I have always found that in terms of value for money and skin kindness baby wipes top that of face wipes, and I have always loved the Simple version so I really relied on these to keep my face clean. I also used them out and about when I was being a messy pup.

So I hope you lucky lot who may be jetting of on holiday soon found this useful.

And if you are going on holiday have a wonderful time!!!

Lots of loves


Apologies & explanations

Well hello there stranger!!!

It has been a while.

So first up,
sorry I haven't posted anything in ages, I have been on holiday for a week and before and after that was generally really really busy!! (If you want too see some holiday photos please comment and let me know). However, hopefully I shall be able to find lots of little pockets of time to scribble down a few decent blogs for my lovely followers.

Second up,

I have hit 100+ followers.
Now in the blogging world that doesn't sound like a lot but,
I haven't told any of my family and friends about this blog so all my followers are literally people who have discovered my blog and decided to follow, and a hundred people are a lot of people (imagine 100 people infront of you, that's a lot)

So thank you to everyone who's followed and please keep doing so,

What else?

I do just have to hit on the terrible things that have been going on in the UK, I live close to Birmingham, Wolverhampton and West Brom who have all been hit by the terrible riots that are occuring. I haven't seen any of this first hand, but watching news reports and a like is literally one of the scariest things. The idea that you can feel unsafe in your own town and country and can feel threatened by your neighbours and your countries inhabitants is evil and shocking. It seems that the rioting has lost it's original motive and that people are jumping on the band wagon as it is almost becoming a trend in younger people. It really makes me sick. And my heart goes out to all those people who have worked all their lives to build a succesfull buisness only to have it ruined by scumbags through no fault of their own.

I really hope that people come to there senses and put an end to this madness now.

Sorry to end on a negative note.
Hopefully this will be followed by a beauty related blog.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

L'oreal Studio secrets professional high definition smoothing foundation review.

So a while a go whilst in superdrug I picked up the L'oreal studio secrets professional high definition smoothing foundation in 013 gold porcelain (bit of a mouthful there). I'd wanted to try this for a while because a few years ago bourjois used to do a similar foundation which in which you pressed a pump to get the foundation out and it had a brush included. I loved that foundation, however it got discontinued so this looked like a similar dupe.

The foundation itself looks like this.


It has a brush incorporated into it so  the foundation is pumped out through the brush.

The foundation itself quite a low coverage and very thin on the skin, I prefer more medium-heavy coverage foundation due to my skin tone. The consistency of it is good and it feels very light and weightless on the face and doesn't seem to clog pores. The application of it is also very mess and waste free so this would be a great foundation for travelling or camping and even to use on the go

 I did find the brush is quite hard the work with. The bristles are very synthetic and not soft enough to get into tight corners and creases or areas where there may be acne scaring so the foundation ends up looking uneven and not making the skin look smooth. I found it really hard to apply neatly, as not much comes out in each pump and that goes directly to the centre of the brush so takes a while to ease out. The consistency of the foundation and the hardness of the brush also meant the foundation had brush strokes in it so needed powdering or buffing afterwards to even it out.

This foundation cost £16.00 ish for 17ml. I find this quite expensive for what it is and get the impression you are paying for the brush more so than the actual foundation itself. I wouldn't repurchase becaue I dislike the application and feel for the price it runs out to fast.

tk maxx strike again!!

Aloha Rosettes!
Firstly, apologies for being M.I.A recently.
I have been stupidly busy with both jobs also a lot of my friends are back from uni, and my mom has been in hospital so I literally haven't had 5 minutes to sit and write a blog.
My views have dropped quite considerable due to this, and that make me sad :(

It's now 6:45 and I don't have anything else to do tonight so im gonna try and blast through a few blogs as I have a few things to haul and some reviews to do, and fingers crossed you'll all come back and read them, as I do miss you all :D

So, whilst I have been away from blogging I have been shopping a few times. And as the title suggests, I did go on one of my missions to TK MAXX. I intended to but some sandals/ flip flops for holiday. And did I come out with any? NO. I came out with 3 things I didn't really need, but wanted....BADLY.

The first two are make-up items and were absoloute BARGAINS (and I love a bargain a lot!)
The first is NARS sheer matt foundation in light5. Now I know it looks pale, but it;s a bit darker than it looks in the bottle. Matt foundation is also not a type a use a lot as I already have dry skin, however, as summer comes and goes, and comes as goes (as it does here in England), Matt foundation is great for stopping your skin looking sweaty and shiny in the heat. Another plus point is that I got this for an absoloute steal. It was reduced from £29.95 to £7.99. No joke. Where else are you ever going to find a NARS foundation for £7.99. To say I was chuffed with that bargain is an understatement.

The second is the stila bronzer. I recently brough the new bourjois bronzer and was slightly disappointed with it so when I saw this I thought it was worth a try. This was reduced from £13.95 to £3.99. Again a bargain. And so far I have loveddd this bronzer, way more than any other I have tried.

The last thing I bought were some jeggings.

Thats an awful photo. But the reason I got these was because I was tired of buying leggings and then the bum area  fading and going see through on them. These are a very plain black material but are quite thick so aren't going to end up thread bare. They also have cute dimante details on the pockets as well. These will be great worn as you would jeans or leggings so I was very happy with those for £16.00.

Prior to this I had been to primark and picked up some jewellery (and some t-shirts but they're in the wash unfortunately)

The first ring stack was around £2.50 I think. I don't really like the pearl one or the dimante one so have just been wearing the Rose and the Bow.

The bangle is soooo pretty. It was £2.50 I think.

Next I went to topshop and picked up some more jewellery and a lip stick.

The ring was in the sale for £2.50 and is just a beautiful turqouise stone on a thick gold ring.

I then got this necklace.

I loved this. The main reason I got it is because I was a huge fan of the sideways cross trend that went around youtube, started by the amazing lollipop26. However, I felt it was slightly over done and wanted something in the same kind of style. When I saw this I fell in love. It's a bit daintyer than the cross, but still has a wide charm linking the necklace together at the centre of the neck. The chain is quite small. This cost £5!

I also picked up a lip stick, this comes in the form of a lip crayon and is a very pretty light coral colour called COY. This cost £8. I also went into H&M and picked up an eye crayon in taupe. This is a really pretty shimmery browny colour thats great for your inner corner. This cost £2.99

here's swatches of each:

So thats it for my hall. I hope you enjoyed it. Please comment below and follow me and I will try my best to comment back and follow back.

Thanks for reading


Friday, 22 July 2011

PROACTIVE skincare update week 1

Hey Rosettes!
As promised here is my weekly review on how PROACTIVE skincare is working for me. I know a lot of you who read my previous blog post on this were interested too see how I got on with the products  so I am going to pursue my weekly blog posts regarding this until I feel necessary.

For those of you who haven't read my prior post, last Friday I started the proactive skincare routine. I have very dry sensitive skin and suffer from small amounts of acne around my lower cheeks and chin. I brough the £40.00 kit which looks like this :

Please see my other post for more details on the products.
Week 1 Progress.
After a week of sticking to a rigid routine with these products I can definitely see some improvement in my skin. My pores around my nose and t-zone feel a lot tighter and more refined, there is also a significant improvement in the evenness of my skin tone. However, I feel as if the salicylic acid in these products may be causing my skin to develop red patchs. I think as it strips away skin it is making my face look slightly more red toned around my chin and forehead. I also find that these products are more of a preventative than an immediate solution. So far they haven't really gotten rid of my spots, they have just faded naturally with time. However, I haven't noticed any new spots or blackheads, so I think seeing the ultimate results with this may take a while.
As for the products themselves they seem and feel very nice and smooth on the skin. The toner is a little strong a chemically smelling for my liking, none of the products have a particularly nice smell, and it has slightly dried my skin out, but this may be part of the natural process. The moisturisers sink into the skin easily especially after cleansing and toning and don't leave a greasy or wet residue on your skin, as you can experience with a lot of  moisurisers. My favourite product out the lot is the cleanser. Its got lots of tiny little granules that are really invigorating and help remove a lot of dry skin and dirt and leave your skin feeling significantly cleaner.
Overall, I am glad I forked out for these products. They seem to be working well, I anticipate that week 2 shall bring significantly better results than week 1 (fingers crossed)

Here's my new skin :

As you can see my skin is slightly red tinted and there is some spots around my chin. My skin around my t-zone and upper cheek is a lot smoother and refined.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if you want more.

Au revoir

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Hey lovelies,

As it is a week since my blogging debut I thought I would do something special to commemorate this.

I think i've done quite well in my first week blogging and am really overwhelmed by the support you guys have given me.

So, Both the gorgeous Sara or Sara's here and the lovely Hannah or hannah... (please view there blogs :D) tagged me in a post which is making it's way round the blogging community. Both these girls were some of the first to view and comment on my blog, so im doing this as a little way too say thankyou and show my appreciation for how good there blogs are ♥

So now for the tag:

The Rules.
1. Thanks the person who tagged you and link back to them
2. Post seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
4. Let them know they receive an award.
7 things about me
1. I have a parsons jack russell called Charlie who's a bit of a rebel but I love him to pieces.
2. I drive a tempremental 206 called bidge, she's a babe
3. I have a quote from Cicero tattood on my foot. This is because I studied him during my A level in classical civllizations. The quote is 'not for ourselves alone are we born'
4. I don't dye my hair
5. I LOVE property shows. Grand designs is like my favourite thing EVER. Kevin McCloud ♥
6. My aim in life is to own a louis vuitton handbag.
7. I want to marry Dermot O'leary or Olly Murs (if those fail, i'll stick to my boyfriend)
Name your favorite colour:
I quite like white.
I dunno whether it's classed as a colour
but my rebellious side is saying white
Name your favorite song:
My favourite all time songs are as follows:
Seal - Kiss from a Rose
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Sugarhill gang - Rappers delight
My favourite song right now is Best thing I never had by Beyonce. Love that lady
Name your favourite dessert:
Anything significanly involving chocolate. Whether that be a brownie, a fountain or a gateux I don't mind. I just like chocolate.
Im also a fan of Waffles (not the blue kind)
What pisses you off:
Im a woman. This is a very risky question. I could write a whole page on this. But i'll keep it to a few.
When evil people scrape the knife into the butter after having toast and you end up with crappy black bits in the flora. So your marg looks less like utterly  butterly and more like frogsporn
When people stick to the speed limit even thought theres a wide open road in front of them. Not only this, but when they have a beautiful, expenisve car. If your gonna drive like that you could've saved some money and brought a milk float. Just saying
When you're upset, you:
Your favourite pet:
Black or white?
I've already answered this. Wooops
Biggest fear:
Best feature:
The kind people who commented on my last post mentioned my eyes a lot. So i'll trust their opinion and go with eyes.
Everyday attitude:
As my tattoo says 'not for ourselves alone are we born'
What is perfection:
A convertible cream Mini One with two black stripes down the front. A cream leather interior and built in satnav.
Woah, who said I was materialistic?
Apart from that, Krispy Kremes, NOM!
Guilty pleasure:
Made in Chelsea.
Just for the 'convincing' acting and the ressemblance the characters lifes have to my own *cough*cough*

I hope I haven't rambled to much.
Here are the awards I am passing out:

 Of course, Firstly Im reawarding these to the two girls that first tagged me. Sara and Hannah (links at the top of the post).

The other thirteen im tagging are:

Monday, 18 July 2011

I got a new attitude when I walk...

Hola Rosettes

This week saw the comeback of Pixie Lott, releasing her new single 'All aboutt tonight'. I have always been a massive Pixie Lott fan I love her music and her style a lot and I even went to see her at the Wolverhampton Civvic in December.

In honour of Pixie's return I decided to do a tutorial on one of her looks she wears during the video. This look contains a smokey glittery eye with a pale pink lip, one of my favourites in the video.

Here's a the video:
One thing I have to say about this video is that the person who cut her hair off or made the fatal decision to, should be shot. I loved Pixie's previous hair and boho chic style and it seems a lot of that has disappeared in her come back. Which is a tad disappointing. But I do like the song, the beats very catchy.
Heres the finished look:
The products I used were:
Primer - Gosh Velvet touch
Foundation - Revlon Photoready in 003 Shell
Concealor - Collection 2000 lasting perfection in 2
Blush - Sephora Colour play palette II
Bronzer - Bourjois Delice de Soleil in 12
Highlight - Face Brightner from Jelly pong pong wake up make up pallette

Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inner corner - White from beauty UK eyeshadow collection pallet
Lid - Gun metal from Urban Decay  Naked palette.
Crease -  L&B eye shadow (no shade on packaging)
Outer corner - Creep from Urban decay Naked palette
Under eyebrow highlight - Virgin from urban decay Naked Palette
Eyebrow - Deco Dence by clinique

Lip stick - 100 by Barry M
Lip gloss - Peach Petal by Revlon

I hope you like this look. Let me know what you think of Pixie's come back and if you'd like to see more blog posts like this.

Much Love

Sunday, 17 July 2011

PROACTIVE skincare

Evening guys & dolls 

After seeing many an advert of Katy Perry flashing around her beautiful skin I decided it was time to try the Proactive skin care routine.

Another reason I decided to try this out was that after browsing the website and looking at the ingredients in the products I discovered that they contain Salicylic acid. Now this is a key ingredient in the cream I use to fight of my psoriasis, and I always find keeping my skin clear of spots whilst not causing my psoriasis to break out quite hard.

Now salicylic acid is a skin thinning ingredient, so it helps to to remove the exposed layers of skin ( not in a harsh way), so I guess this is the reason it may work for both kinds of skin impurities.

I started this routine on Friday, and am already seeing results.
My set of products look like this :
And for £39.95 I got :
120 ml Renewing cleanser
120 ml Revitalising Toner
60 ml Repairing day lotion
30 ml Repairing night lotion
28g Refining mask.

The price may sound expensive, but for the amount of product £8 each which I guess is still more than the average, but if they work it's definitely a good price.

The next kit up from this is around £60 and contains an extra moisturiser and a travel bag, so I didn't really think that one would be worth it.

So my plan is to continue following this regime and keep you guys updated on how it's going.

So to start us of I'm gonna do the unthinkable.

Here's a picture of me without make up.

Beautiful, i know :S. As you can see I have quite uneven skintone and a lot of patches of dry skin. If the picture quality was better you'd be able to see a few spots around my chin and lower cheek.

So I plan to keep you lot updated with maybe weekly posts on my progress? Let me know if you'd like that please.

So that's it for now. Im planning my next blog post to be a 'whats in my make up bag' or a review of some of my new make up. So keep seated for that.

Much love Rosettes xx

Remember that time I said I was a sucker for anything with a bow on it?

Hello Rosettes :D
So... On Friday I took (well more like dragged) my boyfriend on a shopping spree because I felt like some retail therapy and hadn't been properly shopping in a while.

Now I thought I'd brought a lot but on paper it doesn't seem much .
However, I think this may be because I splurged on one, BEAUTIFUL, Item...


So yes, I originally popped into river island to look at the sale, but ended up spending £65 on shoes (Whooooops). That sounds bad. But when you see the outstanding beauty of these shoes you will understand...

Thats just pure beauty in a shoe!
they are rather high but the pain of wearing them will most likely be worth it.

So yes. The sides are a very pale pink in suede material. The heel is black suede along with the toe and the two bows. There is a high platform on the bottom of the shoe and im guessing the heels about 4 inches maybe??

But yess, those were Definitely my favourite purchase and I can't wait to wear them out this Friday (hopefully I will OOTD for that)

On to what else I brought..
Next I popped into superdrug and picked up some make up ..

This includes:
L'oreal studio secrets high definition smoothing foundation in gold ivory - around £16
Bourjois Delice de Soleil bronxe in 12 - Around £9
Bourjois Blush in 35 Lune D'or - around £8
Volume clubbing mascara in extra black - Around £8

Im already a tad disappointed with the foundation as  you only get around 17ml of product where as usually a foundation contains around 25-30. And for the price I probably could've gone to a better brand. (Yeah, nice one Emily!). However Im already pretty impressed with the rest of the products.

Next, I went on to H&M where I picked up this cute top for 799 pennies.

In size 10 (they didn't have an 8, but hey ho)
Again with the bows theme.
I love the whole cutsey nautical theme going on with this top :D

Then I popped to primark and picked up some leggings and one of these babies
This smells and tastes delicious. NOM!

The  other stuff I brought you probably wouldn't be interested in. It basically consisted of a lot of underwear and some joggers.

But yes. I hope that was worth the wait :D

Also , hello to all my new beautiful followers!! I know I haven't been following followers back as of yet because I haven't spent a lot of time on here. But expect a new follower soon :D

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hey loveliess,

Just wanted to apologise for not blogging for the past two days. I haven't abandoned you, do not panic!!

Hopefully I shall have my shopping spree blog up tomorrow evening!

For now I just thought I'd show where I dined this diner time *You'll get the pun in a sec*

Apparently this is from a chain of American style diners called 'OK DINER'

The food wasn't tremendously excited we had chilli fries and hot and spicy wings (stay away from the wings, the sauce tasted like iron-bru. I don't know how that happened, BUT IT DID). But they did yummy milkshakes.

So yes, Im sorry I haven't had time to do a blog, I spent yesterday working and then shopping, then today TV shopping with my father and chilling with my lovely :D (I know, stressful day eh?). Tomorrow I have work again  till mid afternoon so hopefully I'll get at least one blog posted in the evening.

I am very dedicated to this blog, but im also very dedicated to chilled weekends!! So your more likely to see more of me in the week!

Thanks for reading and keep on following.

Much love rosettes (oh yes, y'all have a name now)


Thursday, 14 July 2011

A recipe for delicious skin (concluded)

Hey guys,

so the time has officially come,

you can all rise from the edge of your seats,

what you have been waiting for for the past three days is finally here...

the concluding part to my blog on getting smooth glowing summer skin!!!  (Calm down, it's only a blog)

I only have two products left to review and my laptop battery is low so this should only be a short one(hopefully).

My first loved product is ...

The witch doctor skin treatment gel .This stuff is basically 85% witch hazel, which is extremely good for your skin. From reading the packaging the impression I got was that the product aims to form a protective layer of gel over any damaged or inperfect sections of skin whilst the witch hazel treats the affected area. Now this can be used on anything basically, ranging from spots to dry skin. What I have tended to do with it is use a thin layer over my face at night after applying my moisturizer. This allows the gel to treat any spots and inperfections overnight.

I really like this product and I think it works well. I often assosciate the witch hazel products with tea tree products simply for the natural idea between the two. However they do have extremely different outcomes. Tea tree cures spots because it's very drying on the skin and therefore causes more harm than good when used on my skin, however this is an antiseptic and the idea is not only to heal but to help sooth skin so the effects are very different.

Overall, this works fast to combat skin impurities whilst keeping skin hydrated. It doesn't use any nasty chemicals and therefore doesn't dry your skin out. I would definitely recommend this if your having a mini break out or if you are jetting off on a summer holiday and predict you might get burnt or stung in which case this is a multi tasker to cure both.
The second product is from an ever popular brand - soap & glory. This is the fab pore mask, it's designed to be used for around 15 minutes a couple of times a week and is said to minimise the appearance of pores and give your skin an overall better appearance, and i love this!!

Firstly, the product has the density and texture of a clay mask, so it is quite thick and applies easily to the face. There are also small exfoliating beads which burst under pressure releasing a mentholly smelling ingredient which helps to open pores. Whilst the mask may be of a clay consistency, it doesn't dry and crack on your skin, infact it stays quite damp and therefore keeps your skin well moisturised. After washing off the product your skin looks fresh and radiant and your pores definitely appear minimised. It also helps clear out your skin and get rid of spots.

I use this about twice a week and occasionally if im having a 'treat myself' session. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using this.

And to finish off some Good News

I am going on a shopping spree tomorrow because I need a loaddd of new stuff. So hopefully I will have a few (GIANT) bags of stuff to show you guys in a blog post.

So I will talk to you then.
Thanks for reading
much love

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dorothy Perkins SALE!!

I was a tad early for work yesterday and so took it upon  myself to do a little bit of shopping. Of course, I work in a town where the extent of shops ranges from Home bargains to Wilkinsons, so my choice was very limited. However I still had a look around.

On my little shopping adventure I popped into Dorothy Perkins to take a look at there sale and also because Im going on holiday in three weeks so thought I could add to my holiday clothes pile.

Now, I don't usually like dorothy perkins simply because I find it quite over priced and it often seems that a lot of there clothes are quite 'samey' in the sense that a lot of it is the same style repeated but in a different colour.

However, I did pick up to lovely little bargains in the sale and FINALLY picked up a decent maxi dress ( I know, about a year behind with that trend). Here are some photos of what I brought.

Im a sucker for anything with a bow on it, so this really caught my eye. The photo makes it look slightly bronze but I can assure you it's not. It looks really cute and dainty on and I very nearly brought it in silver too. This ring set me back a hole £2!!!
This pretty little bird bracelet came as part of a set. However, the earrings that came with it fell apart and there was another charm on the bracelet (a kind of plasticy looking rose) but it looked kinda tacky so I took that off, and this is the result I was left with. I know the bird itself doesn't look that great close up, but it's a really cute dainty looking bracelet and I think it looks very understated on. The original bracelet and earrings set me back a total of £3!

So I definitely had a bargain here.

My dress however cost me £36 (with a bit of student discount knocked off). But it is very worth it!

Excuse the terrible photography please. I love this dress, simply for it's array of vibrant summery colours and vivid pattern. The mixture of orange and purple shades seem to make the dress resemble a summer sunset and I think it'd be a great dress  to wear into the night. The dress also has a gorgeous fit, synching in just under the bust and so giving you a streamlined, slim figure for the summer.


P.s. I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has viewed and subscribed to this blog so far (I know theres not many of you). I am totally new to this and I really appreciate all the attention from you guys. I have a lot of things I want to get rid of and would love to get a blog sale underway but I am waiting for a few more subscribers. So please keep supporting me and recommending me to others!! I don't have a lot of time to browse through everyones blogs so please comment on a blog post with your URL and I'll be sure to follow you back

Thaanks lovelies xx