Monday, 18 July 2011

I got a new attitude when I walk...

Hola Rosettes

This week saw the comeback of Pixie Lott, releasing her new single 'All aboutt tonight'. I have always been a massive Pixie Lott fan I love her music and her style a lot and I even went to see her at the Wolverhampton Civvic in December.

In honour of Pixie's return I decided to do a tutorial on one of her looks she wears during the video. This look contains a smokey glittery eye with a pale pink lip, one of my favourites in the video.

Here's a the video:
One thing I have to say about this video is that the person who cut her hair off or made the fatal decision to, should be shot. I loved Pixie's previous hair and boho chic style and it seems a lot of that has disappeared in her come back. Which is a tad disappointing. But I do like the song, the beats very catchy.
Heres the finished look:
The products I used were:
Primer - Gosh Velvet touch
Foundation - Revlon Photoready in 003 Shell
Concealor - Collection 2000 lasting perfection in 2
Blush - Sephora Colour play palette II
Bronzer - Bourjois Delice de Soleil in 12
Highlight - Face Brightner from Jelly pong pong wake up make up pallette

Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Inner corner - White from beauty UK eyeshadow collection pallet
Lid - Gun metal from Urban Decay  Naked palette.
Crease -  L&B eye shadow (no shade on packaging)
Outer corner - Creep from Urban decay Naked palette
Under eyebrow highlight - Virgin from urban decay Naked Palette
Eyebrow - Deco Dence by clinique

Lip stick - 100 by Barry M
Lip gloss - Peach Petal by Revlon

I hope you like this look. Let me know what you think of Pixie's come back and if you'd like to see more blog posts like this.

Much Love


  1. Love your eye makeup! :)

  2. Cute song and very cute look. The colors are very twiggy-esque and you certainly have the big doll eyes for it. Maybe you could do a full on 60's twiggy look sometime!? I think you could pull it off really well.

  3. Fantastic take on her look. X

  4. You have gorgeous eyes. Lovely eyes make-up:)

  5. Your makeup looks so pretty!!! I did a similiar look for my eyes yesterday. Awesome blog lady!

  6. oooh i love your make up and your eyes! :D nice look!

  7. You look beautiful! And the eye make up is just lovely!

    Following you now on Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  8. Definitely see the Twiggy comparison here :) Your eyes look gorgeous and I love Pixie Lott's new hair style to accompany the relaunch x

  9. Great job! Shes grown so much haha. she is looking hot and so are you ;).

    Helen, X

  10. Your so amazingly pretty! Hey I love your blog! will you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor! Happy blogging:)

  11. this eye make-up look so pretty!

  12. Beautiful eyelashes. This is very pretty!

  13. very pretty look!

    Nice blog i'm going to follow you


  14. Thank you for the follow! Your eyes are so beautiful! I wrote a post about Pixie too.. I absolutely love her, this song is amazing but I agree her hair is absolutely bloody awful!

    Carly x

  15. Your eyeshadow is gorgeous, really makes your beautiful eyes pop!

  16. your eye makeup looks gorg!! x

  17. Your makeup looks lovely! I have this foundation but it doesnt give the same results unfortunately. I have just found your blog and I really like it :) Hope you check out my blog xx