Monday, 11 July 2011

Race for Life

On the 10/07/2011 me and my boyfriends sister took part in Race for life, raising nearly £350 between us (queue the round of applause)

We originally took part in the race just for some fun and to raise a bit of money for those in need.
However, around a month before the race my Nan got rediagnosed with breast cancer and due to her age doctors have refused to operate. We have not been given details of the severity of the cancer or how long she has left. All we know is that we have to make the most of whatever time she does have!

So I can honestly say I ran every step of this race for my beautiful nan who will continue to fight this rutheless disease. It was also heartbreaking to see who everyone else was running it for. Masses upon masses of people were at our race and a fair few people were running the race for 4 or 5 relatives and some even for themselves. Seeing this definitely brought the devastation of cancer to life for me, and I honestly hope that every penny we raised helps find a cure !!

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