Thursday, 14 July 2011

A recipe for delicious skin (concluded)

Hey guys,

so the time has officially come,

you can all rise from the edge of your seats,

what you have been waiting for for the past three days is finally here...

the concluding part to my blog on getting smooth glowing summer skin!!!  (Calm down, it's only a blog)

I only have two products left to review and my laptop battery is low so this should only be a short one(hopefully).

My first loved product is ...

The witch doctor skin treatment gel .This stuff is basically 85% witch hazel, which is extremely good for your skin. From reading the packaging the impression I got was that the product aims to form a protective layer of gel over any damaged or inperfect sections of skin whilst the witch hazel treats the affected area. Now this can be used on anything basically, ranging from spots to dry skin. What I have tended to do with it is use a thin layer over my face at night after applying my moisturizer. This allows the gel to treat any spots and inperfections overnight.

I really like this product and I think it works well. I often assosciate the witch hazel products with tea tree products simply for the natural idea between the two. However they do have extremely different outcomes. Tea tree cures spots because it's very drying on the skin and therefore causes more harm than good when used on my skin, however this is an antiseptic and the idea is not only to heal but to help sooth skin so the effects are very different.

Overall, this works fast to combat skin impurities whilst keeping skin hydrated. It doesn't use any nasty chemicals and therefore doesn't dry your skin out. I would definitely recommend this if your having a mini break out or if you are jetting off on a summer holiday and predict you might get burnt or stung in which case this is a multi tasker to cure both.
The second product is from an ever popular brand - soap & glory. This is the fab pore mask, it's designed to be used for around 15 minutes a couple of times a week and is said to minimise the appearance of pores and give your skin an overall better appearance, and i love this!!

Firstly, the product has the density and texture of a clay mask, so it is quite thick and applies easily to the face. There are also small exfoliating beads which burst under pressure releasing a mentholly smelling ingredient which helps to open pores. Whilst the mask may be of a clay consistency, it doesn't dry and crack on your skin, infact it stays quite damp and therefore keeps your skin well moisturised. After washing off the product your skin looks fresh and radiant and your pores definitely appear minimised. It also helps clear out your skin and get rid of spots.

I use this about twice a week and occasionally if im having a 'treat myself' session. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin since using this.

And to finish off some Good News

I am going on a shopping spree tomorrow because I need a loaddd of new stuff. So hopefully I will have a few (GIANT) bags of stuff to show you guys in a blog post.

So I will talk to you then.
Thanks for reading
much love


  1. oooh, these products sound amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. Thank you so much for following my blog! :D

  3. Nice, thanks for sharing!
    I am a new follower=)
    The Little Petite

  4. i love Soap and glory products,its a shame they dont have a good selection at my local Target :( My mom and I love their Flake Away body scrub, its aaahmazing! i was on the look out for their body butter and i found it after 4 years.. in Thailand.. yeah. crazy i know!
    thanks for this post, you just reminded me to go hunting again, the refining mask looks yum ;)

    thanks for following my blog, am now following yours :)