Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Recipe for Delicious Skin

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with lots of skin products, the overall aim being to get smooth glowy summer skin. I'm very picky when it comes to creams and lotions as my skin is dry and sensitive and I also suffer from psoriasis. Therefore, I hate anything that is full of chemicals, that smells unnatural, is to harsh on the skin and the majority of products that, if anything, make my skin worse than it naturally is.

So in my recent search for perfect glowy skin I did stumble upon four products which stood out massively for  me and really made a difference with my high maintenance skin.

The first of these products is a scrub. Now I am the biggest fan of scrubs ever. I simply love 'em!!

 Scrubs are great for dry skin as they help to buff away dead skin cells and reveal new, more hydrated layers of skin (Stating the obvious, I know!), therefore they're also great for my psoriasis (for those of you who don't know what psoriasis is, in the simplest of simple descriptions it is when your skin reproduces too quickly so you end up with patches of skin that look red and flakey as they are exposed to the elements- of course there is a lot more to it than this but it is very similar to exzema).

 I have used a lot of scrubs in the past and one problem I find with a lot of them is that some leave a greasy layer on top of your skin. I am well aware that the purpose of this is to moisturise the skin but I find that it can cause blocked pores and generally find the feel of it annoying and off putting.  So after much searching I finally found a scrub that left my skin feeling moisturised and healthy.

Scrublicious Body Scrub by Beautifully Delicious
This body scrub smells DELICIOUS and really melts into your skin. It leaves a very light layer of moisture which isn't greasy at all (hoorah!!). The other great part is that it's quite a dense and chunky scrub which means that it's quite invigorating and really buffs all that dead skin away.

 Im usually more a fan of sea salt scrubs but the smell of this combined with it's results has definitely changed my mind.  The other benefit is that it is reasonably price and can be found in supermarkets (such as asda) so you can sling it in your basket on your weekly shop .

My second product is my absoloute favourite out the lot and this has performed miricales on my skin!

Aveeno Skin relief moisturising lotion. £7.10 from Superdrug

When I first used this moisturiser I made the mistake of putting way too much on and thinking 'why on earth isn't this working?'. But after some perseverance I later found that this product very much endorses the phrase 'less is more!'. Honestly ,you only have to use the smallest amount of this on your skin for beautifully moisturised skin with a subtle glow. I use this product day and night, even though it claims to moisturise for 24 hours, to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. Another benefit of this is that it helped to even out my skin tone which is a rare quality in a moisturiser. And - if I hadn't said enough good things about this already - it is also kinda odourless, which I love. I hate moisurisers that leave you stinking of chocolate of strawberries or whatever, simply because it makes me feel dirty. It also takes away from the smell of whatever perfume your wearing. And lets face it, perfume costs way more than moisturisers. I'd sooner smell of paco rabanne than eau de Galaxy!

So to sum it up, I love this moisturiser. It's the best body moisturiser I have ever used!! It is a high price for a drugstore brand (excuse the americanism) at £7.10 for 300ml but I would definitely recommend it and considering the results you get, £7.10 is not that expensive.

I have two other products left to review. These two are glowy summer skin products for your face. However, I have rambled on a lot in this blog post and feel I should maybe leave you in a bit of suspense and anticipation as to my next post (little bit of optimism never goes a miss). So, I will be back soon to conclude this blog post.

So thats HOW for NOW!
(thumbs up for the childhood reference)

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