Friday, 22 July 2011

PROACTIVE skincare update week 1

Hey Rosettes!
As promised here is my weekly review on how PROACTIVE skincare is working for me. I know a lot of you who read my previous blog post on this were interested too see how I got on with the products  so I am going to pursue my weekly blog posts regarding this until I feel necessary.

For those of you who haven't read my prior post, last Friday I started the proactive skincare routine. I have very dry sensitive skin and suffer from small amounts of acne around my lower cheeks and chin. I brough the £40.00 kit which looks like this :

Please see my other post for more details on the products.
Week 1 Progress.
After a week of sticking to a rigid routine with these products I can definitely see some improvement in my skin. My pores around my nose and t-zone feel a lot tighter and more refined, there is also a significant improvement in the evenness of my skin tone. However, I feel as if the salicylic acid in these products may be causing my skin to develop red patchs. I think as it strips away skin it is making my face look slightly more red toned around my chin and forehead. I also find that these products are more of a preventative than an immediate solution. So far they haven't really gotten rid of my spots, they have just faded naturally with time. However, I haven't noticed any new spots or blackheads, so I think seeing the ultimate results with this may take a while.
As for the products themselves they seem and feel very nice and smooth on the skin. The toner is a little strong a chemically smelling for my liking, none of the products have a particularly nice smell, and it has slightly dried my skin out, but this may be part of the natural process. The moisturisers sink into the skin easily especially after cleansing and toning and don't leave a greasy or wet residue on your skin, as you can experience with a lot of  moisurisers. My favourite product out the lot is the cleanser. Its got lots of tiny little granules that are really invigorating and help remove a lot of dry skin and dirt and leave your skin feeling significantly cleaner.
Overall, I am glad I forked out for these products. They seem to be working well, I anticipate that week 2 shall bring significantly better results than week 1 (fingers crossed)

Here's my new skin :

As you can see my skin is slightly red tinted and there is some spots around my chin. My skin around my t-zone and upper cheek is a lot smoother and refined.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if you want more.

Au revoir


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  2. Ciao Bella,
    I love your blog, its very beautiful.
    I have never tried the proactive before, but it looks like it is doing really great for your skin. At the moment I am using Retin-A. It seems to be working well on my skin, just a bit drying though.. I have to be careful.
    I'm now a new follower of your blog, I hope that you don't mind.
    I'd love it if you followed me back also.
    Have a really beautiful day.
    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. Hey girl! You've been tagged to do the Five Minute Makeup Challenge!! Check it out here:
    xoxo Angela

  4. i've always wanted to try proactive, due to my acne-prone skin

  5. Your skin looks great.. I always had issues with proactive, it dried my skin out like crazy, and felt like it was burning my skin after two weeks. If your skin gets any drier it's probably a sign to stop using it, but hopefully that doesnt happen to you! x