Monday, 11 July 2011

A Blogger is born!!!!

Hello guys and dolls. There is a new blogger amidst you.

After a lot of time comtemplating the idea of blogging and youtube videos, I have finally delved into the huge pool that is blogging. I am always shopping and trying out new products so have plenty of my opinions to share with y'all. I have been muchly inspired by the more popular bloggerino's out there ( im not adventurous enough or patient enough to sift through the unfound ones yet). These would include Gems maquillage, Zoella/showee, Fleurdeforce and swalkermakeup, to name but a few.

So a little bit about me.

My blogging URL maybe slightly misleading in the fact that my name is actually Emily, HOWEVER, my middle name is Rose. I chose yo use my middle name due to it's a.) slightly more unique appeal b.) Feminine connotations and c.) the fact that it is a tad more versatile than my ever so common first name.

I am a very average young woman. Im 19 and work two part time at both a promoter and caterer - unfortunatley not the most glamorous of occupations for someone who writes about Beauty! As well as my interest in Beauty I also am pursuing my interest in sociology through  starting my degree in September. My degree was postponed a year as I originally entered a social work degree and moved away and just about hated every second of the experience (not to put a negative spin on anyone heading in that direction). My pathway beyond university is unknown and unplanned!

My interests are nothing too unique either. I enjoy social networking, shopping, cooking, keeping fit and health, looking after my pooch, socializing etc.

Please bare with me as I get the hang of blogging. And please come back for more posts!!



  1. Hey welcome to the blogging scene, your blog seems great and followed.

    Had a look at your profile and can't believe your from Dudley, me too. What a small world.


  2. Love your blog already! Followed.
    It took me a long time to decide whether or not to start blogging also, I wasn't sure if it was for me, really glad I chose to though.
    Nice to see you're going to be doing a sociology degree! Sociology seems to be one of a few subjects that I'm actually really good at.
    Look forward to seeing more of your posts x