Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Everyday Make-Up

Hi guys,
I feel like i'm still catching up with you all after a long break from blogging. After writing about my latest skin routine I felt Obliged to tell you the make-up i've been wearing religously for the past few months.
These are all the products I've been using...

For my foundation I have been using the Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation in True Ivory, however I do switch between that and the bourjois healthy mix, they are both incredible foundations. I then use the Collection 2000 lasting concealor in shade 2 under my eyes and shade 3 to conceal blemishes and redness. I don't use powder or primer, they brake me out and generally don't seem to agree with my skin.
Cheeks begin with Stila Bronzer, this is so underrated im on my third one now and I love it. It's not as good as NARS laguna, that is the crem de la creme of bronzers in my eyes, but it is a snippet of the price and a fantastic matte bronzer. I use it more to contour than I do to add colour, Im so pale using bronzer to add color would be like flogging a dead horse! Cheeks are a quick sweep of No7's Coral Flush, a lovely bright blusher that gives a nice pinch of color to the cheeks. I finish this bit with a sweep of MAC msf in soft and gentle, this goes on the top of cheekbones, forehead and down my nose. This is a stunning highlighter and gives a lovely glow.
For my eye make-up I start with a sweep of estee lauder doble-wear shadow creme in Golden Sands, this acts as a primer but adds a touch of color, it's similar to a MAC paint pot. I then apply my choice of colours from the Urban Decay Naked palette. This varies hugely from really nude choices to smokey eyes, my favourite shadow in the palette is side-car. Once a main eye color and contour color have been applied I turn to liquid eyeliner. For this I use a thin line of L'oreal Carbon Gloss Liquid Eyeliner, a phenomenal and affordable eyeliner that lasts all day. Once that is done I finish with a Bourjois eyepencil on the upper water line and outer third of the lower waterline (this isn't pictured as I only have a smidgin left, but its the black pencil with the blue writing, I don't know the name but it is AMAZING!). Once all that is done I finish with two coats of waterproof L'oreal Volume million lashes.
Brows start with a quick application of MUA clear mascara, this just sets them in place and helps make the shadow I use to fill in my eyebrows more precise and reduces fall out. I then use colour 1 in Rimmels 002 Smokey Brun palette to fill in the brows and shape them, once that is done I use the darkest colour (sparingly) to add depth and texture through the middle of the brow
Lips vary between these three, Nars Orgasm Ligloss, Natural Collection Rose Petal Lip Stick or Revlon Lip butter in Cappucino. These are all generally really moisturizing and subtle, alas nothing like the maybelline lip gloss I have just reviewed. I chose subtle lips because I like to focus attention on my eyes.

The finished look :D
Thanks for Reading!
Please let me know below what your must have items are for your daily make-up

Friday, 29 June 2012

Competition Time!!

Hey guys,

I have always loved hair extensions and through experimenting with them over many years consider them to be a hair staple. Not only do they lengthen hair but they also add thickness and an overall healthier finish, helping us to achieve that much desired Cheryl look! Considering this, when I saw the latest competition going on over at I just had to let you guys know how you can win a whole set of 18" human hair extensions worth over £70.00!! is a website specializing in human hair extensions of all colours and lengths. They sell on trend hair extensions of all colors, lengths and sizes. They have some really great affordable products, and I ameathers  particularly interested in the feather hair extensions (Link) as I have seen them on so many people and they look B-E-A-Utiful. They stock clip-in hair, pre bonded hair, wigs, Wefts and Weaves and Ponytails aswell as accesories and hair care.
Purrdy Feathers - £10.79 Hawaiian Girl

Currently Vicky from Geordie shore is the face of their latest competition to win a set of 18" set of hair extensions worth a total of £70.62. To enter just follow this link  and enter  just your first name, last name and email address.

Good Luck Guys!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Maybelline superstay 10 hour tint gloss Review

Hey guys,
Recently I was browsing the aisles in boots and I spotted this new product sitting amongst the maybelline products. I picked it up because I knew the only other product of this type (that I know of) is from Dior and carries a lot heftier price tag.

The product itself is a lipstain that claims to stay put for 10 hours. My experience of lip stains is somewhat shady. I have often tried those long lasting lip stick/stains and have found they mainly dry out my lips within miniutes and crack on the lips giving an uneven, patchy and dry finish. I don't find these types of lipsticks appealing at all, in all honesty I avoid them as much as possible. The reason I picked up this is because it is infact a gloss and pressumably a much more moisturizing formulation.

Chubba wrist hand swatch
I picked up the colour 'Forever Fuscia', a very bright, very true Fuscia, and in all honesty, my color selection was a massive fail. The colour doesn't suite me one bit, I think perhaps it would suite olive skin tones and tanned skins rather than my practically porcelain complexion. There is a corally colour and a much lighter, subtler pink and I really wish I had picked these up instead as they looked a lot more wearable.

The texture of the product is hard to describe. It is glossy and moisturizing, but not creamy or thick. It's light on the lips and you definitely don't get that tight, dry feeling. It also has a peculiar smell of Jelly, and thats not just me my mom also commented on the 'jelly-like' smell. It's quite strong and really odd, im not sure if I find it childish and tacky or sweetly appealing, it's a tough one to call.

The initial application is good. The gloss is extremely pigmented and bright, and you don't need to apply a lot of product. The applicator is the heart tipped wand, and personally I find it kinda messy to use and hard to create straight edges with as it picks up a lot of product. The finish is glossy, but not super shiny and there's no glitter involved, it's more of a subtle sheen. After about half an hour of wear the finish turns slightly more matte and the gloss effect fades giving a finish more similar to a moisturizing lipstick. The colour remains bright and vibrant and it carries on moisturizing the lips. It does last ten hours but the colour does fade.

I promise I wasn't naked, it was a hot day and I was wearing a bandeau top
The packaging is tacky and horrible to say the least. Garish metallic writing against a sharp white background with a plasticy looking lid makes for a vile combination and doesn't do the product any justice (I have never been a fan of maybellines packaging, it's tends to be bright, plasticy, hence this, a prime example).

Overall, If you can find a shade to suite you (The selection is small, around 5 shades) then go for it, if you are confident enough to carry of such a bold color. I am little bit to introverted to wear such a stand out lip gloss and I did get a comment from my dad to 'take that bloody lipstick off, all I can see is a bright pair of lips'. Next time I pop into boots I really want to swatch the subtler shades as I did enjoy the finish and formulation of this, and thought it was nice to see a long lasting lip tint that didn't reduce my lips to the texture of the sahara dessert.

Maybelline 10hour SuperStay LipTints Retail at £7.99 from Boots.

Thanks for Reading.

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Perfume of the Month - Roberto Cavalli


So now im back working hard on my blog, I want to tie myself into some reoccuring posts and this is going to be one. At the end (or near the end) of each month I want to tell you guys about the one perfume I've been loving and wearing the most that month. This isn't to say I'll be buying a new perfume every month, that is not the case, but I have collected so many over the years and I switch and change them so often I thought it would be nice to share my favourites with you guys.

This month my perfums is a new buy, I purchased it at the end of may as a little treat to myself. I had tested it the week before, and initially I thought it was very basic, but as the smell developed I noticed the unusual notes and loved how it smelt. I can easily relate it to paco rabanne lady million, as it has that kind of mature yet sexy element to it. However, I find lady million can be a bit sharp and often has the kind of smell that gets caught in your nose and hurts your brain after smelling it for so long - if you catch my drift? and this doesn't do that, it's a lot softer and a bit sweeter so the scent isn't overpowering.

Roberto Cavalli EDP is a musky, sweet scent most probably suited to those aged 20 onwards. It is a grown up scent that can transfer from day to night easily. It has a strong staying power and lasts longer than the majority of my other perfumes. I love it!!

The bottle itself is simple with stylish tweaks such as the animal print bottle neck and the Roberto Cavalli logo lid. I love it because the bottle reflects the perfume, chic and stylish with fun sexy twists.

Notes : Pink Pepper, Orange Flower, Green Mandarin, Mirabelle Plum, Roasted Tonka beans, Laos Benzoin.

Currently you can buy this perfume from escentual for just £34 for 50ml, which is an absoloute bargain (Link). I bought my bottle from here as it was way cheaper than anywhere else. Delivery was quick and affordable!

Thanks for reading guys!
Please comment below and tell me your favourite perfume!

My Daily Skin Routine

Hey Guys, it's been a while since I last blogged and I have really really missed it. It's kinda therapeutic to sit back and write about my latest finds etc. However, I do have to admit that after reviewing my blog I definitely noticed a lot of pitfalls and I want to try to make my blog a whole lot more proffessional, I also wanna get more in touch with you guys - my followers- as I feel I perhaps neglected everyone who has supported my blog. So - and this time I mean it- I am going to be spending a lot more time blogging and I want to spend time getting to know blogger a little bit more in order to understand how to improve and maintain my blog!

So, onto the more interesting beauty related babble. After a while away my skincare routine has changed a lot and it's having a great effect on my skin. After my proactive posts my skin was still, well, CRAP to say the least. My skin is a mishmosh of dry and oily patches and spots and blackheads. It is an understatement to say that i've never had an easy time with my skin! I suffered terrible acne through school and prescribed medications only worsened it (please let me know if you want to see a blog post on this) and since then my skin has never been perfect, even though it's a whole load better.

Since using the following products my skin has been really clear of spots and the overall texture and tone of it is more even. My dry and oily patches have drastically reduced and overall my skin is more radiant and I am more confident than ever without make-up. So here goes..

1. No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Lotion
First of all this smells GORGEOUS! I usually go for unscented products as perfume can often irritate my skin, this however manages to do the total opposite. Its a cleansing lotion that I use at night and throughout the day to remove make-up and cleanse the skin. Admittedly, one cotton pad does not do the trick, but these days I wear so much make-up that it is virtually impossible to just use one no matter how strong the cleanser. It is a really gentle cleanser that leaves the skin feeling fresh and dewy. I find a lot of cleansers can dry out skin but this really doesn't, it actually leaves it feeling very moisturised and fresh. Using your £5 voucher I think this works out to around £3 so it's also a bargain. I love using  this when I come home from work to quickly remove make-up and refresh and brighten my skin.

Boots Botanics Skin Brightening Toner
This may have featured in a prior post, I can't remember, but I have loved this for so long it should be considered a crime if it hasn't. I never used to see the point in toner and skipped it from my daily routine for years, but since using this my skin has changed for the better. It refines my pores and tightens them , and I have huge pores so this is great, it also really refreshes the skin! The bottle costs around £5 or £6 and for that you get 250ml, and considering I use this day and night it lasts about 3 months - no joke! This is also gentle and soothing on the skin and removes any last traces of make-up or dirt your cleanser missed.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray
This is probably the most raved about skin product in the Beauty world at present, after it's recommendation from the one and only Victoria Beckham everyone seemed to go mad for it. So of course, like the sheep that I am, I followed suite. This definitely lived up to the hype. I don't tend to use this through the day I just use it along with my routine in the morning and at night, just after I have toned my face. It really refreshes the skin and adds a subtle dewy finish. The smell is strong and overpowering and not necesserily nice, but every rose has it's thorn as they say. The 30ml bottle cost me £10 from a website called (who I will talk about in an upcoming post), currently im about halfway through this and i've been using it about 2/3 weeks, so it does last, the 100ml bottle comes in at around £30 but I pressume it would last AGES, so is probably worth the splurge.

Davines Authentic Moisurising Balm
Never before would I have considered using a multi-purpose balm for my face, this product is labelled for 'face,hands and body' but when ever a product claims to work for multiple areas I always feel that perhaps in order to cater for all areas it doesn't quite 100% work to the best of it's ability for each one. This however was a revelation discovered in a Glossybox many months ago. I tested it, I tried it and I loved it. This is my third bottle. It is the priciest item of my routine coming in at £17 but it is worth it. It has a delightful fruity smell and moisutrizes the skin without leaving behind resedue or making my skin feel greasy. It has a really natural feel to it and seems to feed goodness to my skin (I know that sounds stupid but it's the only way I could describe it). 

Boots Essentials Eye Make-up Remover
I went in search of a cheap eye make-up remover before I recently went on holiday as I purposely bought a waterproof mascara for the trip, and we all know how much of a pain in the arse they can be to get off. I stumbled upon this which cost a little less than £2 and bought it, without high expectations. I later discovered that this, considering it's price tag, is a great eye make up remover. The cream formulation means it's gentle and doesn't irritate the eyes, it also only leaves a tiny eenie weenie amount of residue on the eye. Admittedly, one swipe doesn't get waterproof mascara off, you do have to go over a few times, but for a cheap product this really serves a purpose and I am thoroughly enjoying using it.

No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator
This was another £5 off impulse purchase I didn't have many high hopes for. The smell is the exact same as the gentle cleanser - WIN, and it is packed with tiny beads thats gently but effectively exfoliate my skin to leave a really smooth and dewy finish. It doesn't dry my skin out at all, instead it leaves it radiant. This exfoliator is easy to use morning or night and even though the packaging reccomends using it just 1 or 2 times a week, I think it's gentle enough to use every day or every other day.

Guys, thats it for my first post but I have got many other ideas bubbling around in my head. Thankyou for reading my post and viewing my blog. You are wonderful people!!!

Emily Rose