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Maybelline superstay 10 hour tint gloss Review

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Recently I was browsing the aisles in boots and I spotted this new product sitting amongst the maybelline products. I picked it up because I knew the only other product of this type (that I know of) is from Dior and carries a lot heftier price tag.

The product itself is a lipstain that claims to stay put for 10 hours. My experience of lip stains is somewhat shady. I have often tried those long lasting lip stick/stains and have found they mainly dry out my lips within miniutes and crack on the lips giving an uneven, patchy and dry finish. I don't find these types of lipsticks appealing at all, in all honesty I avoid them as much as possible. The reason I picked up this is because it is infact a gloss and pressumably a much more moisturizing formulation.

Chubba wrist hand swatch
I picked up the colour 'Forever Fuscia', a very bright, very true Fuscia, and in all honesty, my color selection was a massive fail. The colour doesn't suite me one bit, I think perhaps it would suite olive skin tones and tanned skins rather than my practically porcelain complexion. There is a corally colour and a much lighter, subtler pink and I really wish I had picked these up instead as they looked a lot more wearable.

The texture of the product is hard to describe. It is glossy and moisturizing, but not creamy or thick. It's light on the lips and you definitely don't get that tight, dry feeling. It also has a peculiar smell of Jelly, and thats not just me my mom also commented on the 'jelly-like' smell. It's quite strong and really odd, im not sure if I find it childish and tacky or sweetly appealing, it's a tough one to call.

The initial application is good. The gloss is extremely pigmented and bright, and you don't need to apply a lot of product. The applicator is the heart tipped wand, and personally I find it kinda messy to use and hard to create straight edges with as it picks up a lot of product. The finish is glossy, but not super shiny and there's no glitter involved, it's more of a subtle sheen. After about half an hour of wear the finish turns slightly more matte and the gloss effect fades giving a finish more similar to a moisturizing lipstick. The colour remains bright and vibrant and it carries on moisturizing the lips. It does last ten hours but the colour does fade.

I promise I wasn't naked, it was a hot day and I was wearing a bandeau top
The packaging is tacky and horrible to say the least. Garish metallic writing against a sharp white background with a plasticy looking lid makes for a vile combination and doesn't do the product any justice (I have never been a fan of maybellines packaging, it's tends to be bright, plasticy, hence this, a prime example).

Overall, If you can find a shade to suite you (The selection is small, around 5 shades) then go for it, if you are confident enough to carry of such a bold color. I am little bit to introverted to wear such a stand out lip gloss and I did get a comment from my dad to 'take that bloody lipstick off, all I can see is a bright pair of lips'. Next time I pop into boots I really want to swatch the subtler shades as I did enjoy the finish and formulation of this, and thought it was nice to see a long lasting lip tint that didn't reduce my lips to the texture of the sahara dessert.

Maybelline 10hour SuperStay LipTints Retail at £7.99 from Boots.

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