Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hello guys!!

So sorry I haven't written a blog post in months! I have been so busy I haven't even had chance to think about blogging! Things are starting to calm down for the winter now though and I'm setting up shop again ready for some fresh posts.

Idealistically I should be doing a favourites post or a haul seems as its been so long, but this is an insomnia fuelled spur of the moment post, so I'm afraid it's not gonna be fancy AT ALL. But, I am 21 on the 9th October and this landmark birthday is leading me to do a lot of reflecting. So in honour of my coming of age I'm gonna divulge to you guys 21 declarations/reflections to do with my birthday! Please feel free to leave a few of your own in the comments! Here goes...
1. I'm at the happiest place I've been in along long time! A few years ago I made some bad choices and followed my head rather than my heart and had, what I'd consider, the worst year of my life. I've changed that around now and I can honestly say I have the best friends, family and my gorgeous boyfriend and they make my life complete.
2. I feel that I've come so far this past year. I've come to the realisation I've been a bit of a social phone since the start of college and I've been stuck in a comfort zone. This year I've done new things and made new friends which may not sound much of an achievement but its a big thing to me!
3. I want to push myself further. Starting a blog was a big thing for me. No one I know knows I run this because it scares me to put it out there! I really wanna follow my dreams and get more into the Internet beauty world. I want to pluck up the courage to start you tubing soon, but my balls just aren't big enough!
4. I want to be more independent! I live with my parents and they do so much for me. I'm also in an extremely lucky position where they help me out financially a bit. I figure I need to fend for myself a bit more and give myself a push towards independence
5. I need to be more feisty. I am a pushover and I've started sticking up for myself more. I'm not naturally a confrontational person and I feel that's something you can't force. However I think if I was a bit more bulshie I would get further.
6. My career needs to take centre stage. I've always been extremely aspirational, I want to do well in life and I want a decent career. However, I'm extremely impatient and channeling aspirations into long term projects is hard. I realise now that in these 2 years of uni I need to knuckle down and give myself a good standing in life.
7. I am quirky and I am weird and I couldn't give a shit if you don't like that. Over the years we all come across people that don't tickle our pickle or whose pickle isn't tickled by us. It used to get to me. But I now realise I have what I need in life, there will always be people that don't like me, and that's just life. I will smile and be civil but I Ain't gonna lose sleep over it.
8. Never be afraid to show passion and emotion. I lost out on something a year or so ago because I didnt express passion towards it, I didnt express my desire to do it. That has forced me to express emotions. You have to show you want something in order to get it. You won't get anywhere in life being hard faced.
9. Follow your heart! Following your head is sensible, but it doesn't make you happy. Take a risk, follow your heart. You know what is best for yourself!!
10. Take advice, ask for advice and look to others for inspiration. The world has been a turning for many years and wherever you are and whatever your doing someone else has tried it! I have found taking advice from people so useful lately, especially from peers! Wisdom is a great form of knowledge and its not a crime to share it!!
11. Family come first!! I never ever appreciated my family until I met my boyfriend! We were always a family that did our own thing, if family time happened it was a coincidence and not particularly entertaining. When shit happens my parents have guided me, no matter how mad or disappointed they are in me. Look after your parents because its takes a tonne of time, effort, money and love to bring you up and you wouldn't be who you are without them.

Okay my thumbs hurting now! I will be back tomorrow with my final ten!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Dupe of the Day - Primarks Tangle Teezer

 Hey Guys,
as previously suggested, my blog writing pace has slowed right down due to work commitments and the onslaught of the summer holidays (BOOHOO). But I am trying hard to keep blog posts coming as much as possible. So here I am writing my latest saga...

Whilst browsing the isles of Primark last week I spotted a dupe for the very well known Tangle Teezer

For those of you that don't know, the tangle teezer is a hair brush first seen on Dragons Den. To put it simplistically it has no handle, that is perhaps it's most distinguishing factor, that and the fact it is entirely plastic with flexible bristles. It looks a little something like this..

The tangle teezer is available in all shapes and sizes and is now stocked in boots for around £10. Since I bought mine around a year ago I have fallen in love with it and it has no signs of dying on me anytime soon. The idea of it is that it brushes knotty hair out without tugging at your hair and as the name suggests 'teezes' it out. It can be used on wet or dry hair.

£10 may be considered a lot to spend on a hairbrush by most people and when I saw this little mite in the shelves of primark for £1.50 I had to pick it up.

This is more similar to the smaller tangle teezer, rather than my large one but the idea is the same.

Once I got the brush out of the packaging I noticed the bristles are thicker and slightly more dense, they don't have the same flexible feel as the tangle teezer ones. Evidently this meant that when I used it on my knotty hair it didn't have the same effect. Because it is so dense and rigid it does tug at the hair a little bit and doesn't have the same magical effect as the tangle teezer.
Needless to say I was very disappointed because I thought I'd found an absoloute RINGER. But Oh Well, I think I may just leave this brush in my handbags for hairbrushhing and neatening up on the go.

Thanks for reading


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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mario Badescu Silver Powder - Review & How to


I recently mentioned Mario Badescu's silver powder in a blog post, it's an item that i've heard little about in the blogging sphere and I thought it was time someone put it out there as a phenomenal product.

The product itself looks very mundane, the packaging is very very basic, it doesn't look anything special, it doesn't look high end or glamorous, it just looks like something you'd find in a pharmacists cupboard. It's not necessarily practical or easy to use, but it does give great results and it's the best product i've ever used for tackling blackheads.

Silver Powder (You can purchase it HERE!) is basically a face mask in powder form. It has alsorts of sciencey ingredients, but I couldn't tell you what they do or what they are to save my life. I browsed the internet a long time ago for blackhead clearing products and stumbled across this. I loved it from the first use and have used it weekly ever since.

How To..
1. Dampen a cotton pad with warm water and wring out any excess.
2. Dip the cotton pad into the tub of powder. You only need a tiny bit so using a corner works best for me.
3. This should create almost a paste as you sweep it across your face (that almost rhymed). Apply onto cleansed and dry skin covering all areas bar eyes and lips.
4. Checkout your ghostly/geisha like face in the mirror and wait ten minutes whilst the mask dries
5. Apply a cleanser or astringent to a cotton pad
6. Use the pad to wipe of the mask whilst admiring the horrific quality of this photo.
7. Admire brighter and clearer skin. I'd recommend using a moisturizer at this point because the mask can make your skin feel a little tight.

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Update - What have I been up to and where else to find me

Hey Guys,
I hope you're having a good week despite the weather:)

I've just sat down to write a few blogs and I thought i'd start with a small update about me and my blog just to keep you up to date. Nothing mind blowing has happened or anything like that I just want to keep you guys in the loop!!

Where to find me
Im really enjoying blogging these days, and part of that is keeping up-to-date with followers and your blogs. In all honesty my laptop is poopy and I struggle usin blogger on my phone. So I thought I'd let you know of other ways you can keep in touch with me and Vica Versa. These past few days I have really been enjoying Instagram. I don't have many followers and I don't have many people to follow. But my username is emilyroseburton if you wish to follow me - and please comment me your below so I can return the favour :)
I'm also an avid fan of twitter so if you wish to read my tweeties and for me to read yours my thingy is @_emilyrose91
I do have facebook but I just use it to keep in touch with friends and there's no beauty babble on their so it's really not that interesting.

What Have I Been Up To?
1. Blogging/ Working - I have been enjoying blogging so much recently and your comments and feedback are probably my favourite part so please keep them coming in and feel free to request blogs you'd like to read. I really want to do a giveaway soon just to thank the people that have discovered my ickle blog. It really crabs me off (original phrase) when people do giveaways and you have to tweet about them and do 5 million other things to win stuff. My giveaways will be a thankyou to the loyal people who subscribe to me NOT for the people who have read my blog once in an attempt to win shit. So you guys can look forward to those!
We are entering the summer holidays and I get extremely busy at work during this period... meh :(. Blogs might be less frequent but they will be coming slowly but surely - I am not leaving you again!!

2. Bristol - On Saturday I visited Bristol (unfortunately this coincided with EDL marches and Gay pride. Not that I have anything against gay pride btw. But this meant the city was full of riot police, police helicopters and a lot of streets were baracaded of). I fell in love with the city! It is a really cosmopolitan but has a great eclektic mix in the centre. The shopping there is also fab. Im gonna input a few photos of the day below :)

3. Ebay- I sell a lot of stuff on Ebay and I thought I would involve you all in it. My ebay username is emi.diddle. Tonight I will be listing a few items including a pair of ladies Havaianas, Juicy Couture Sunglasses, Lipsy dress and a Bank dress. These will all go up about 7:00pm if you care to take a look!

4. Shopping - I have become a shopaholic recently and I literally have not stopped spending money - my bank account is worn out!! I would love to do hauls of what I've bought but I am one of those annoying people who wants to wear and use everything as soon as i've bought it. But I am trying to strengthen my will power so I can show you :).

Thats all for now guys, expect a few posts following this now :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Battle of the Face Mists - Caudalie Vs Simple

Hi Guys,

Happy monday morning to you all!! I hope you all had great weekends and enjoyed a rare bit of sunshine!

Today I wanted to compare two products for you. There has been so much hype recently about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over blogger and youtube, and after hearing the great effects other people had I decided to try it myself. Whilst trialling the product I noticed that there weren't many products like this on the market and that face mists were actually quite rare. This baffled me because I enjoyed using the Caudalie so much and a simple spritz seemed to refresh and Brighten my skin so much. So I did my research and found that 'Simple' had also launched a 'Moisture boost hydro mist'. Once I uncovered this I simply had to try one as they're a tad more affordable than the Caudalie and for us in the UK are more readily available in our local high streets.

So after weeks of trailling the two I thought I'd compile the results into an 'ickle blog and compare my experience with either spray.
Caudalie - Smoothing, Gowing complexion
Simple - Hydrates, Nourishes, Moisturizes, restores and 'it wont upset your skin'
The simple packaging is very bog standard it's plastic and the detailing isn't over the top. It's practical for your hand bag as it's small and not smashable, un-like the caudalie. The caudalie is prettier and a lot more aesthetically pleasing. But it is a heavy glass bottle and I was reluctant to lug it around it my bag. Caudalie comes in a 30ml bottle or a 100ml bottle, so the 30ml bottle is fine for travelling. Simple comes in a 50ml Bottle.
Caudalie 30ml - £10 100ml - £30
Simple 50ml - £5.99
Caudalie has an extremely unique smell and theres not a lot I can compare it too, it is strong and an acquired taste but I have definitely grown to like it. It has very refreshing citrussy tones which is great when your skin needs a pick-me-up and adds a natural and nourishing feel.Simple on the other hand smells a bit muggy, theres no overwhelming scent but I think that subtracts from any effect it has on the skin. For some reason it stops it having a really refreshing effect
I found the Caudalie very refining. Whilst using it my pores appeared smaller, make-up glided on easier and my skin generally felt more nourished and awake.My skin was definitely more dewy and had a subtle glow to it. The spray also prevented spots developing and I had no breakouts during the period I used it for. It definitely lived up to it's claims
The simple spray was also refining, though not on the same scale. It refreshed my skin a bit but it didn't seem to add any moisture or really do anything for my skin. It didn't prevent spots or improve my skin. I think the formulation of the simple spray was, ironically, a little to 'simple'. There is nothing offensive about it, I think spritzing water on your face would probably have the same effect as this - perhaps thats what they mean by 'it wont upset your skin'. My skin did feel more hydrated but that is the only claim it really fulfilled.
Overall Consensus
Im sure you can predict whats coming. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir, to me, totally lived up to the hype and I was really impressed by the results. The simple spray was disappointing and I wouldn't use it on a daily basis. I do, however, think it would be an okay product for holidays when you want to hydrate skin that has been dried out by the sun, the fragrance of the Caudalie would be too overpowering for these days.
I will continue to use the Caudalie on a daily basis and I would really recommend spending the extra few pounds on it as it has such a terrific effect on your skin!!

Thanks for Reading
Please let me know if you have tried any other face sprays and what results you had.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Products I Regret buying


The weather in England is still pretty poop and im stuck inside the majority of the time, which is annoying but great for Blog productivity. Today I thought I'd post about a few products I regret buying, im in the midst of testing a lot of products but im not ready to review them as of yet, so this was the next best thing/

This post  came to mind because I noticed how many products I had sitting around doing nothing and just laying there because, quite simply, I hate using them. Of course, this isn't to say that all these products are generically awful, they just don't suite or work for me (with a couple of exceptions I would not recommend for anyone).

So here goes ...
1. Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Mousse
I do like fan tan but it doesn't necessarily agree with my skin and I have to be very cautious when using it, I can cope with most fake tanners and I love having tanned skin but this one seemed to do... well nothing. It's a nice consistency, applies well and doesn't smell too bad. But, and this is a huge but, it doesn't seem to give me a tan at all. It adds very VERY little colour to my skin. Im not sure If I just got a bad bottle but for the £20 price tag it seems ridiculous that it doesn't give hardly any colour. If it gave a darker colour it would be a phenomenal product but it just lacks in the one vital area.
2. Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon in Light pink
I have always been a fan of nude and light pink lip colours, I love the look of lips with a soft pink blush however this is pretty horrific. Don't get me wrong, the consistency and formula are actually quite nice, it applies easily and is well pigmented, giving a subtle gloss to the lips. But it's the colour thats the problem. The light pink is too bright and garish and the shade is to pale even against my skin tone (and we all know lips lighter than your face is a huge no-no). To add to that, there are large chunks of purple glitter that transfer onto the lips and make it look rather cheap. I know Louise from a sprinkleofglitter is a huge fan of these crayons in the darker colours, so maybe I will try them and see if they work out better.

3. No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in Black
This is a nice creamy pen, it applies well and it's lasts quite well, the only problem here is the pigmentation. This pencil is quite simply not black, if anything it's a dark grey. It is Okay on the waterline, but if you use it on the lash line its a bit... meh and the pigmentation isn't dark enough for it to make a statement. It can be used for blending and creating a smokey eye but it's to creamy for my liking and it's hard to get a thin precise line using it.  
4. Pixi Succulent Lip Twin in Red
Firstly, I have to admit that the gods of Tkmaxx meant I got this for just £2..(crafty!)...and for the price I can't complain. But I just don't get this product one bit. The waxy balm is awkward to apply and gives quite an uneven finish, it's extremely inconsistent and messy. The gloss is really gloopy and watery and just impossible to apply. I don't understand what the aim or direction was when creating this and I was so disappointed because I generally love Pixi products and I think they're a fab brand, just this wasn't one of there best ideas.

5. Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray
When I first heard abou Sea Salt sprays and how they're supposed to give you that 'toussled, by the beach wavy locks' I was immediatly sucked in. I thought this would be the answer to my longing for natural wavy locks that don't involve hours of styling. Yet I was so disappointed when I finally tried one. Don't get me wrong, my hair is thick and very unco-operative, it is generally hard to mould and for this failure, I mainly blame my hair not the product. But on my quest for Wavy locks I used this after washing and followed the recommded amount of sprays and found myself with extremely dirty feeling, greasy hair which didn't look gorgeously toussled. I think if you have thinner hair this would probably work, especially if you have time to let your hair dry naturally, but for fuller heads of hair like mine this is a no-no.
P.S. I freakin' love the majority of Lee Staffords products
 6. Body Shop Body Butters
  This is probably another example of my odd hair and skin not adaping to certain products. The majority of people rave about these and I do love the smells and the packaging and the formula. But for some reason the product does not absorb into my skin. I have tried a few now and no matter how much or how little I use it just lies on top of my skin. I do have tempremental skin and it is most definitely it's fault that the pair don't get on. But, I don't know how to describe this properly but im going to try, have you ever used a product, applied it to your skin and an hour or so later  rubbed your hand over that patch of skin and it's like the product rolls up into little shards? Thats what happens, if you catch my drift?
7.Stila Smudge Pot
This is a gel eyeliner/cream eyeshadow, and initially that sounds like a good idea right? WRONG! This product isn't pigmented enough to be considered a gel eyeliner, it doesn't stand out enough and it's a bit too clumpy to get a thin, even line. Although, I have to admit the gold flex in this looks super pretty, it just doesn't work! As a cream eyeshadow, it's ok I suppose. Still a tad uneven but acceptable.
What products have you regretted buying and why?
Thanks for Reading

Monday, 9 July 2012

The 30 Day Shred Review..

Hey Guys,
So todays post isn't the usual hair and beauty mumbo jumbo talk, it's actually a review of a fitness DVD.
I've always had a negative opinion of fitness DVD's and I never really understood why people felt they couldn't pop out for a jog instead or nip to the gym. I remember being a child and me and my brother would try to do moms Rosemary Colaney DVD's on the VCR on fast foward and since then I haven't been able to take them seriously.
Before I went on holiday recently I decided I wanted to loose a few pounds and tone up, firstly so I felt a bit more confident in a bikini and secondly so I felt a bit more free to eat what I want and not have to worry about my jeans not fitting when I got back.
I invested in this Gillian Michaels '30 Day Shred' DVD because I saw it was one of the best selling DVD's overall on amazon and it had incredible reviews. Basically the DVD contains 3 20minute workouts ranging in difficulty from 1 to 3, you are advised to start on 1 and once you feel comfortable at each level progress up to the next.  Each 20 minute work out entails a 3 circuits, including 3 minutes of Cardio 2 minutes of strength and 1 minute of abs, designed to workout all parts of the body for maximum effect. You are advised to do this DVD everyday for 30 days.

So how did I get on? ..
I found I progressed up the levels quite quickly and by day 15 I was on level 3, even though these workouts are not easy. Gillian Michaels really works you hard, it's a short workout so there are no brakes, no pausing for breaths just a solid workout. You really feel like you have worked yourself hard after doing this DVD.

Gillian Michaels herself is a tad annoying, but what else would you expect from a fitness finnatic, American personal trainer who is used to working with reluctant obese people on America's biggest loser. She is encouraging, and her two assistants demonstrate modified versions of the moves so if you struggle you can follow one and if its to easy you follow the other.

Needless to say you can't do this DVD and expect to lose weight eating 20 Mars bars a day, you have to do this in conjuction with a healthy diet.

Overall, in a month I lost 10lbs, but I was following a very healthy diet and doing extra exercise. This DVD was great and I really enjoyed it. I felt my energy levels increased greatly after following it for the 30 days. I also loved that it was just 2o minutes so you always have time to fit it in, although inevitable somedays it is impossible to fit it in. This would be especially good for mothers who struggle to find time to visit the gym or do excercise.

Thanks for Reading

Friday, 6 July 2012

Julys Dreamin' Wishlist Friday


On this horrible July rainy,cacky,poopy,wet,cloudy,pitter pattery Friday, I thought I would cheer myself up with a little Wishlist Friday post.

This is simply, me listing things I want, not things im necessarily going to get, but things im tempted to get, ummming and ahhhing about, or generally lusting after.

It's my 21st in October and whenever it comes to Birthdays people go 'oooh Emily what do you want?' and I know in my head there's loads of jazzy things I want but they don't come to the surface and in a moment of madness I go 'ahh, nothing I'll just have the money purdy please'. Then, my birthday money gets flitted on everyday things like nandos, cinammon rolls, petrol and chewing gum (just a random sample there! LOL), when infact I could've had nice things i've been lusting after all year.

to resolve this issue each time i've thought of something I want but it's a bit to treatified or luxurious or unnecessary to warrant buying for myself, I have noted it down on my iphone in order to create myself a list of things I can answer that fatal question with.

I've just realised how self-righteous this post sounds right now. BBBBBBBUTT, my intention obviously is not to force all my lovely friends and family into buying me these things, I know I wont get the majority of them but it's just there so people who need guidance when buying me gifts (AKA boyfee, my brother and my dad)have some inspiration.

as this list grows, ima take you guys along with it. There is a high, well sky high, chance I will buy these things for myself anyway. I am a sucker and a weakling when it comes to spending and self discipline, and often take the 'f*** it' approach.

So here's this months bunch...
Left  to Right, Top to Bottom
1.Tory Burch Iphone Case
I've been eyeing these up for a while now but I've never settled on a design, however I love this white one with the gold logo. It's simple and chic which is hard to find in a phone cover as the majority I have found tend to be awfully tacky and garish. 
2.Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Turnlock Earrings
Mmmmmm Rose Gold. I love rose gold. These would match my MK watch superbly! I love the turnlock logo and yeah, they would look pretty in my ears :)
3. Wildfox Couture Blue/Grey Cross Jumper
You may have read in my last post about my love for Wildfox and how I have been scouring about for jumpers and vests from them. I particularly love this top, this is my favourite jumper shape from them, with the ragged torn bottom and I also love the print. I do like the star print and the heart jumper but there a bit too exciting and in your face for my simplistic taste. However, I doubt I will ever own this as it retails as £100+ and im not sure I could ever justify that for a jumper.
4.Diamante Converse
Tacky but casual but cool but comfy. These are just a juxtaposition in themselves.  They are tacky looking but I do have a soft spot for Diamantes, I don't know where it came from and why it's there but every now and again I sneakily purchase something covered in little cheap korean gems, much to the distaste of everyone I know. I do want some converse for more dressed down days and when i'm at uni, but im not fond of being overly casual so the diamante's kinda dress it up, in a WAG style manor.
5.Yankee Candles
I love Yankee Candles! They are the only air freshners I will use in my car (currently im loving the coconut bay vent sticks!!!). I have a few candles that are nearly burnt out and I really want some more as Yankee Candles smell YUMMMY!! My favourite flavours are Vanilla Cupcake and Strawberry Buttercream
6.YSL Faux Cils Shocking Mascara
I have heard rave reviews about YSL mascaras from everyone that has used one! The packaging on them is also delightfully chic and pretty. I hear that this is meant to be the crem de la crem of YSL mascaras!! I naturally have long lashes so I am a mascara junkie! Im off to France early in August so I may pick one up at the duty free as a holiday treat.
7. Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Turnlock Ring
This matches the earrings and I love the chain design. I've never been into wearing rings but recently i've really been enjoying them so I'm looking to expand my collection.
8.Alpha H Liquid Gold
I have heard loads of product raves about this in the blogging circuit and it sounds amazing. My skin is very acne scarred and prone to spots, which is something this claims to target. This is definitely an ummer and ahher, as the price tag is £30 a pop, which to me is expensive for skincare!!

this month I have been looking at lots of deals on Groupon, Kgb and wowcher for microdermabrasion. I have never tried this treatment before, but i'm intrigued to see how it works and it sounds like something that would be extremely benefiticial to my skin. I don't know anyone that has ever had it done so I would love to hear if any of you have experienced it or know anyone who has, and any opinions on the treatment.

Thanks for Reading

Rainy Day Friday OOTD

Hey Guys,
Today  is a very wet,mundane day in the midlands and I am finally indoors, warm and cosy writing this post to the pitter patter of British Summer (HOORAH :/). I've just been running errands today, popping to the shops and my nans (nothing very glamorous) so I thought I'd do a very casual Outfit Of The Day.

I have never done an OOTD post before, primarily because I am  no style icon, I have no misconceptions about that. I try, but I tend to stick to core pieces an awful lot and just mix up simple items. Im also very safe when it comes to clothes, I wear a lot of BLAH colours and a lot of jeans t-shirts and leather jacket combos,  but my 'syle' lies in each item individually rather than how i've put them together, thats how I like to look at it anyway :).

Even though it is absoloutley weeing it down outside, it's still pretty warm so it's 100% awkward when it comes to putting an outfit together. I went for high waisted dark indigo jeans, cropped jumper and River Island boots to keep me covered up but not sweltering!!

I love this jumper. I picked it up from TKmaxx for £6.99 last week. I have been eyeing up 'wildfox' jumpers for a while now but haven't plucked up the courage to tackle the large price tag. However, this is very Wildfox esc. It features a cropped hemline and 'Wish upon a star' slogan, that are both similar to the kitsch wildfox style. It's comfy and slouchy without being scruffy or super duper casual, and I can still dress it up a bit with accesories.
*apologies for the shoddy camera work but no one was about to take photos for me :(*

Top - Tkmaxx, it's actually from a brand called 'DIVINE'
Jeans - New Look
Boots- River Island January Sale Bargains (£20)
Bag -Juicy Couture Daydreamer Velour Tote
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelet 1- Brown Pandora Double Wrap
Bracelet 2 - Thomas Sabo Pearl Charm bracelet
Ring - Portugal
Earrings- Recent Dorothy Perkins Sale

Let Me know if you want to see more of these posts.
Thanks For Reading

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ELF 50% off!

Hey guys!
Im writing this post from my iphone so its going to be extremely short and to the point!

I love bargains and i pressume my trusty followers do to so i thought i would steer you in the direction of a great sale that has just caught my eye!

ELF ( are having a 24 hour sale on nail varnishes. ELF are known for there great prices but for the next 24 hour there will be 50% EXTRA of all nail purchases. Just follow the link below and enter code '24HRNAILS' at check out!

I have used ELF nsil products before and they're great value quality!

Emily xx

Lauren Conrad Inspired Make-Up

Hey Guys,
When I did my last Celebrity inspired make-up post (Pixie Lott look - LINK) I got a lot of positive responses so I thought I'd do a look based on one of my favourite style icons.
I have always loved Lauren conrads simple yet chic make-up. It is always extremely glowy and bronzed whilst remaining very natural and well kept. Whilst doing this look I mainly aimed to created flawless, dewy skin with a subtle bronze. Whilst Lauren's look remains fairly consistant, this look is more of her original 'the hills' look. Recently her look has been a lot more exagerated, for instance the winged eyeliner now has a larger flick and she often uses brighter colours, this look is the more natural and toned down version.
This is the finished result (im well aware I look nothing like Lauren)..
The products I used ..
How I achieved the look.
The look isn't that dissimilar to my daily make-up, it just involves slightly more concentrated bronzer and a lot more shimmer on the skin. I started with Rimmel wake me up Foundation as a soft and dewy base, this has medium/heavy coverage so it assisted me in getting that flawless finish, on blemishes and red patches I used my trust Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealor in number 2. I used the lighter colour to add a stronger element of light and depth, the look is strongly based around contouring so using this down the length of my nose and under eyes helped to achieve that effect.
Laurens bronzer is very concentrated under the cheek to give the impression of a strong cheekbone, I used my Stila Bronzing Powder in No.3 with a small blush brush to create this. The best way to find the contour to apply the bronzer is to suck cheeks in and apply just underneath the cheek bone. I then used Bourjois Blusher in Lune D'or on the cheek bone, this is a soft peach shade with gold flex, so it achieves a natural glowing finish very similar to that we often see on Lauren. To add to this I swept MAC mineralize skin finish in Soft&Gentle over cheek bones and forehead. To add more definition I dotted Benefit High Beam on the tops of cheek bones, underneath eyebrows and down the nose. This adds a lot of brightness to the face and helps it reflect light giving a healthy finish.
Eyes began with Estee Lauder double wear cream eyeshadow in golden sands, I then applied Sin from the naked palette in the inner corner and across the inner third of the eye, I then used half-baked across the outer two thirds and Virgin in the crease. This created a contoured but natural eye, with a bronzed shimmer. I used a thin flick of L'oreal carbon gloss across the outer two thirds of the lash line. After this I applied two coats of L'oreal Volume Million lashes, to create an extreme black lash. I tried to leave the lower lashline as bare as possible, only coating the bottom lashes with a thin layer of mascara. You can add a grey eyeshadow underneath or a flesh coloured eyeliner across the waterline if you wish.
Brows are thick and strong, I mainly used the darkest colour in my Rimmel Smokey Brun Palette, along with the slightly lighter shade to create well defined and dark eyebrows.
Lips are a quick sweep of NARS super orgasm gloss, this gives a natural pinky glow and a soft sheen.
Thanks for Reading,
Please let me know of any looks you want me to create

Monday, 2 July 2012

June Favourites

Hi Guys,
Can you believe how fast this year is going? It seems unreal that it's already July, this year is going too fast.
As we've just broken into July I thought I'd share with you all the products I loved most in June . As I have recently written daily skin care and make-up posts, I have tried to avoid putting them in this one as to avoid repetition. Therefore, you'll find a bit more hair care and body care in this post.
1.No7 Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray
I used to  be a dedicated body lotion fan, I hate body butters because they mostly (with the exception of soap&glory) leave residue on the skin and it's hard to get dressed when your skin is quite greasy. I tried this because I had a £5 off voucher and that meant I only paid £3.75 for it. I worried it might break me out and clog up pores but it actually doesn't. It just gives a nice sheen to the skin and absorbs really quickly. Skin is left smelling and feeling great! It is suprisingly quite moisturizing and I find it has helped even out my skin tone and totally changed the appearance of my skin for the better! I lovess this :)
2.Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Relaxing Balm
This was included in a Glossybox a while ago and I kinda put it aside for a few months and forgot all about it. When I went on holiday at the end of May I went in search of sample products to limit the salons worth of products I was taking with me and I stumbled upon this. I use it on the ends of dry hair just before straightening or curling it to help neaten up any fly aways and add shine. It smells lovely and doesn't leave hair greasy or weighed down. It's a lovely little product and I may purchase a full sized bottle!
3.TRESemme Split Remedy Leave in Treatment
I hate the majority of TRESemme products, not to be blunt or anything, but they always seem to dry my hair out or increase the appearance of split ends. However, this was the exact product I was looking for recently as I wanted something to condition hair and tidy up the ends (I can't remember how much I paid for it). This is a cream that smells lovely! You pop it on the lengths of hair just before drying to leave hair shiny and more manageable. I love this and the bottle seems to last forever! You can put as much as you want on your hair and it never seems to weigh it down or result in product overload. It is a fantastic product and I can't say enough about it!!
4.Mario Badescu Silver Powder
When I first heard and read reviews on this product I just thought Blimey that sounds odd. And it is generally an odd product. It's a corse white powder formulated from Calcium Carbonate, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. It sounds more like a science experiment than it does a Beauty treatment. The funny thing about it though is that it actually works, and at that it works really well! The powder is super absorbent (I don't know the science behind it unfortunately) so it is great for removing blackheads, clogged pores and reducing excess oil. It acts as a mask, you dip a dampened cotton pad into it and then press it onto effected areas such as nose, chin and forehead, leave it for ten minutes and remove with a toner. This is amazing for helping getting rid of my blackheads and that is the one reason I love it so much!
5.Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream
I have the balm version of this. It's a thick and tacky balm that smells like orange and cedarwood. I didn't have high hopes after I initially saw the products but it is actually incredibly moisutizing. I love this for using on my lips, knuckles and elbows when I get really dry skin. This lasts the 8 hours and for that it is the best balm I have ever used. It makes my lips feel smoother and moisturized rather than greasy. The only pitfall with this product is its smell, it's overpowering and unfeminine and generally a bit blehh!
6.Real techniques by Samantha Chapman Stippling brush
I friggin loves this the most. It is so good. I actually apply my foundation with it as it gives a thin but absoloutly flawless layer of product and it is able to get into all the nooks and crannies of my face. The handle on it means you have absoloute control of the brush and as the brush it not to small and not too big it is really versatile as to what it can do! I loves this so much !
7. Evil Eye Ring
A totally non make-up or beauty favourite but I have worn it near enough everyday in June. I bought this in Portugal in May, I was looking for a dainty, feminine ring I could wear everyday and when I saw this I instantly fell in love. It's small ,it's cute, it's fashionable, it's just lovely! I think it cost about $14 which means it was quite the bargain as the quality is really good!
Thanks for Reading,
Please let me know your favourite products of June :)

Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Everyday Make-Up

Hi guys,
I feel like i'm still catching up with you all after a long break from blogging. After writing about my latest skin routine I felt Obliged to tell you the make-up i've been wearing religously for the past few months.
These are all the products I've been using...

For my foundation I have been using the Rimmel Wake me Up Foundation in True Ivory, however I do switch between that and the bourjois healthy mix, they are both incredible foundations. I then use the Collection 2000 lasting concealor in shade 2 under my eyes and shade 3 to conceal blemishes and redness. I don't use powder or primer, they brake me out and generally don't seem to agree with my skin.
Cheeks begin with Stila Bronzer, this is so underrated im on my third one now and I love it. It's not as good as NARS laguna, that is the crem de la creme of bronzers in my eyes, but it is a snippet of the price and a fantastic matte bronzer. I use it more to contour than I do to add colour, Im so pale using bronzer to add color would be like flogging a dead horse! Cheeks are a quick sweep of No7's Coral Flush, a lovely bright blusher that gives a nice pinch of color to the cheeks. I finish this bit with a sweep of MAC msf in soft and gentle, this goes on the top of cheekbones, forehead and down my nose. This is a stunning highlighter and gives a lovely glow.
For my eye make-up I start with a sweep of estee lauder doble-wear shadow creme in Golden Sands, this acts as a primer but adds a touch of color, it's similar to a MAC paint pot. I then apply my choice of colours from the Urban Decay Naked palette. This varies hugely from really nude choices to smokey eyes, my favourite shadow in the palette is side-car. Once a main eye color and contour color have been applied I turn to liquid eyeliner. For this I use a thin line of L'oreal Carbon Gloss Liquid Eyeliner, a phenomenal and affordable eyeliner that lasts all day. Once that is done I finish with a Bourjois eyepencil on the upper water line and outer third of the lower waterline (this isn't pictured as I only have a smidgin left, but its the black pencil with the blue writing, I don't know the name but it is AMAZING!). Once all that is done I finish with two coats of waterproof L'oreal Volume million lashes.
Brows start with a quick application of MUA clear mascara, this just sets them in place and helps make the shadow I use to fill in my eyebrows more precise and reduces fall out. I then use colour 1 in Rimmels 002 Smokey Brun palette to fill in the brows and shape them, once that is done I use the darkest colour (sparingly) to add depth and texture through the middle of the brow
Lips vary between these three, Nars Orgasm Ligloss, Natural Collection Rose Petal Lip Stick or Revlon Lip butter in Cappucino. These are all generally really moisturizing and subtle, alas nothing like the maybelline lip gloss I have just reviewed. I chose subtle lips because I like to focus attention on my eyes.

The finished look :D
Thanks for Reading!
Please let me know below what your must have items are for your daily make-up

Friday, 29 June 2012

Competition Time!!

Hey guys,

I have always loved hair extensions and through experimenting with them over many years consider them to be a hair staple. Not only do they lengthen hair but they also add thickness and an overall healthier finish, helping us to achieve that much desired Cheryl look! Considering this, when I saw the latest competition going on over at I just had to let you guys know how you can win a whole set of 18" human hair extensions worth over £70.00!! is a website specializing in human hair extensions of all colours and lengths. They sell on trend hair extensions of all colors, lengths and sizes. They have some really great affordable products, and I ameathers  particularly interested in the feather hair extensions (Link) as I have seen them on so many people and they look B-E-A-Utiful. They stock clip-in hair, pre bonded hair, wigs, Wefts and Weaves and Ponytails aswell as accesories and hair care.
Purrdy Feathers - £10.79 Hawaiian Girl

Currently Vicky from Geordie shore is the face of their latest competition to win a set of 18" set of hair extensions worth a total of £70.62. To enter just follow this link  and enter  just your first name, last name and email address.

Good Luck Guys!