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Battle of the Face Mists - Caudalie Vs Simple

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Today I wanted to compare two products for you. There has been so much hype recently about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over blogger and youtube, and after hearing the great effects other people had I decided to try it myself. Whilst trialling the product I noticed that there weren't many products like this on the market and that face mists were actually quite rare. This baffled me because I enjoyed using the Caudalie so much and a simple spritz seemed to refresh and Brighten my skin so much. So I did my research and found that 'Simple' had also launched a 'Moisture boost hydro mist'. Once I uncovered this I simply had to try one as they're a tad more affordable than the Caudalie and for us in the UK are more readily available in our local high streets.

So after weeks of trailling the two I thought I'd compile the results into an 'ickle blog and compare my experience with either spray.
Caudalie - Smoothing, Gowing complexion
Simple - Hydrates, Nourishes, Moisturizes, restores and 'it wont upset your skin'
The simple packaging is very bog standard it's plastic and the detailing isn't over the top. It's practical for your hand bag as it's small and not smashable, un-like the caudalie. The caudalie is prettier and a lot more aesthetically pleasing. But it is a heavy glass bottle and I was reluctant to lug it around it my bag. Caudalie comes in a 30ml bottle or a 100ml bottle, so the 30ml bottle is fine for travelling. Simple comes in a 50ml Bottle.
Caudalie 30ml - £10 100ml - £30
Simple 50ml - £5.99
Caudalie has an extremely unique smell and theres not a lot I can compare it too, it is strong and an acquired taste but I have definitely grown to like it. It has very refreshing citrussy tones which is great when your skin needs a pick-me-up and adds a natural and nourishing feel.Simple on the other hand smells a bit muggy, theres no overwhelming scent but I think that subtracts from any effect it has on the skin. For some reason it stops it having a really refreshing effect
I found the Caudalie very refining. Whilst using it my pores appeared smaller, make-up glided on easier and my skin generally felt more nourished and awake.My skin was definitely more dewy and had a subtle glow to it. The spray also prevented spots developing and I had no breakouts during the period I used it for. It definitely lived up to it's claims
The simple spray was also refining, though not on the same scale. It refreshed my skin a bit but it didn't seem to add any moisture or really do anything for my skin. It didn't prevent spots or improve my skin. I think the formulation of the simple spray was, ironically, a little to 'simple'. There is nothing offensive about it, I think spritzing water on your face would probably have the same effect as this - perhaps thats what they mean by 'it wont upset your skin'. My skin did feel more hydrated but that is the only claim it really fulfilled.
Overall Consensus
Im sure you can predict whats coming. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir, to me, totally lived up to the hype and I was really impressed by the results. The simple spray was disappointing and I wouldn't use it on a daily basis. I do, however, think it would be an okay product for holidays when you want to hydrate skin that has been dried out by the sun, the fragrance of the Caudalie would be too overpowering for these days.
I will continue to use the Caudalie on a daily basis and I would really recommend spending the extra few pounds on it as it has such a terrific effect on your skin!!

Thanks for Reading
Please let me know if you have tried any other face sprays and what results you had.

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