Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Update - What have I been up to and where else to find me

Hey Guys,
I hope you're having a good week despite the weather:)

I've just sat down to write a few blogs and I thought i'd start with a small update about me and my blog just to keep you up to date. Nothing mind blowing has happened or anything like that I just want to keep you guys in the loop!!

Where to find me
Im really enjoying blogging these days, and part of that is keeping up-to-date with followers and your blogs. In all honesty my laptop is poopy and I struggle usin blogger on my phone. So I thought I'd let you know of other ways you can keep in touch with me and Vica Versa. These past few days I have really been enjoying Instagram. I don't have many followers and I don't have many people to follow. But my username is emilyroseburton if you wish to follow me - and please comment me your below so I can return the favour :)
I'm also an avid fan of twitter so if you wish to read my tweeties and for me to read yours my thingy is @_emilyrose91
I do have facebook but I just use it to keep in touch with friends and there's no beauty babble on their so it's really not that interesting.

What Have I Been Up To?
1. Blogging/ Working - I have been enjoying blogging so much recently and your comments and feedback are probably my favourite part so please keep them coming in and feel free to request blogs you'd like to read. I really want to do a giveaway soon just to thank the people that have discovered my ickle blog. It really crabs me off (original phrase) when people do giveaways and you have to tweet about them and do 5 million other things to win stuff. My giveaways will be a thankyou to the loyal people who subscribe to me NOT for the people who have read my blog once in an attempt to win shit. So you guys can look forward to those!
We are entering the summer holidays and I get extremely busy at work during this period... meh :(. Blogs might be less frequent but they will be coming slowly but surely - I am not leaving you again!!

2. Bristol - On Saturday I visited Bristol (unfortunately this coincided with EDL marches and Gay pride. Not that I have anything against gay pride btw. But this meant the city was full of riot police, police helicopters and a lot of streets were baracaded of). I fell in love with the city! It is a really cosmopolitan but has a great eclektic mix in the centre. The shopping there is also fab. Im gonna input a few photos of the day below :)

3. Ebay- I sell a lot of stuff on Ebay and I thought I would involve you all in it. My ebay username is emi.diddle. Tonight I will be listing a few items including a pair of ladies Havaianas, Juicy Couture Sunglasses, Lipsy dress and a Bank dress. These will all go up about 7:00pm if you care to take a look!

4. Shopping - I have become a shopaholic recently and I literally have not stopped spending money - my bank account is worn out!! I would love to do hauls of what I've bought but I am one of those annoying people who wants to wear and use everything as soon as i've bought it. But I am trying to strengthen my will power so I can show you :).

Thats all for now guys, expect a few posts following this now :)

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