Wednesday, 4 July 2012

ELF 50% off!

Hey guys!
Im writing this post from my iphone so its going to be extremely short and to the point!

I love bargains and i pressume my trusty followers do to so i thought i would steer you in the direction of a great sale that has just caught my eye!

ELF ( are having a 24 hour sale on nail varnishes. ELF are known for there great prices but for the next 24 hour there will be 50% EXTRA of all nail purchases. Just follow the link below and enter code '24HRNAILS' at check out!

I have used ELF nsil products before and they're great value quality!

Emily xx


  1. daaamn, I was too late :/

  2. 24 hours is wasay to short for a sale!! Ill let you know if anymore come up