Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mario Badescu Silver Powder - Review & How to


I recently mentioned Mario Badescu's silver powder in a blog post, it's an item that i've heard little about in the blogging sphere and I thought it was time someone put it out there as a phenomenal product.

The product itself looks very mundane, the packaging is very very basic, it doesn't look anything special, it doesn't look high end or glamorous, it just looks like something you'd find in a pharmacists cupboard. It's not necessarily practical or easy to use, but it does give great results and it's the best product i've ever used for tackling blackheads.

Silver Powder (You can purchase it HERE!) is basically a face mask in powder form. It has alsorts of sciencey ingredients, but I couldn't tell you what they do or what they are to save my life. I browsed the internet a long time ago for blackhead clearing products and stumbled across this. I loved it from the first use and have used it weekly ever since.

How To..
1. Dampen a cotton pad with warm water and wring out any excess.
2. Dip the cotton pad into the tub of powder. You only need a tiny bit so using a corner works best for me.
3. This should create almost a paste as you sweep it across your face (that almost rhymed). Apply onto cleansed and dry skin covering all areas bar eyes and lips.
4. Checkout your ghostly/geisha like face in the mirror and wait ten minutes whilst the mask dries
5. Apply a cleanser or astringent to a cotton pad
6. Use the pad to wipe of the mask whilst admiring the horrific quality of this photo.
7. Admire brighter and clearer skin. I'd recommend using a moisturizer at this point because the mask can make your skin feel a little tight.

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