Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hello guys!!

So sorry I haven't written a blog post in months! I have been so busy I haven't even had chance to think about blogging! Things are starting to calm down for the winter now though and I'm setting up shop again ready for some fresh posts.

Idealistically I should be doing a favourites post or a haul seems as its been so long, but this is an insomnia fuelled spur of the moment post, so I'm afraid it's not gonna be fancy AT ALL. But, I am 21 on the 9th October and this landmark birthday is leading me to do a lot of reflecting. So in honour of my coming of age I'm gonna divulge to you guys 21 declarations/reflections to do with my birthday! Please feel free to leave a few of your own in the comments! Here goes...
1. I'm at the happiest place I've been in along long time! A few years ago I made some bad choices and followed my head rather than my heart and had, what I'd consider, the worst year of my life. I've changed that around now and I can honestly say I have the best friends, family and my gorgeous boyfriend and they make my life complete.
2. I feel that I've come so far this past year. I've come to the realisation I've been a bit of a social phone since the start of college and I've been stuck in a comfort zone. This year I've done new things and made new friends which may not sound much of an achievement but its a big thing to me!
3. I want to push myself further. Starting a blog was a big thing for me. No one I know knows I run this because it scares me to put it out there! I really wanna follow my dreams and get more into the Internet beauty world. I want to pluck up the courage to start you tubing soon, but my balls just aren't big enough!
4. I want to be more independent! I live with my parents and they do so much for me. I'm also in an extremely lucky position where they help me out financially a bit. I figure I need to fend for myself a bit more and give myself a push towards independence
5. I need to be more feisty. I am a pushover and I've started sticking up for myself more. I'm not naturally a confrontational person and I feel that's something you can't force. However I think if I was a bit more bulshie I would get further.
6. My career needs to take centre stage. I've always been extremely aspirational, I want to do well in life and I want a decent career. However, I'm extremely impatient and channeling aspirations into long term projects is hard. I realise now that in these 2 years of uni I need to knuckle down and give myself a good standing in life.
7. I am quirky and I am weird and I couldn't give a shit if you don't like that. Over the years we all come across people that don't tickle our pickle or whose pickle isn't tickled by us. It used to get to me. But I now realise I have what I need in life, there will always be people that don't like me, and that's just life. I will smile and be civil but I Ain't gonna lose sleep over it.
8. Never be afraid to show passion and emotion. I lost out on something a year or so ago because I didnt express passion towards it, I didnt express my desire to do it. That has forced me to express emotions. You have to show you want something in order to get it. You won't get anywhere in life being hard faced.
9. Follow your heart! Following your head is sensible, but it doesn't make you happy. Take a risk, follow your heart. You know what is best for yourself!!
10. Take advice, ask for advice and look to others for inspiration. The world has been a turning for many years and wherever you are and whatever your doing someone else has tried it! I have found taking advice from people so useful lately, especially from peers! Wisdom is a great form of knowledge and its not a crime to share it!!
11. Family come first!! I never ever appreciated my family until I met my boyfriend! We were always a family that did our own thing, if family time happened it was a coincidence and not particularly entertaining. When shit happens my parents have guided me, no matter how mad or disappointed they are in me. Look after your parents because its takes a tonne of time, effort, money and love to bring you up and you wouldn't be who you are without them.

Okay my thumbs hurting now! I will be back tomorrow with my final ten!

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