Thursday, 28 June 2012

Perfume of the Month - Roberto Cavalli


So now im back working hard on my blog, I want to tie myself into some reoccuring posts and this is going to be one. At the end (or near the end) of each month I want to tell you guys about the one perfume I've been loving and wearing the most that month. This isn't to say I'll be buying a new perfume every month, that is not the case, but I have collected so many over the years and I switch and change them so often I thought it would be nice to share my favourites with you guys.

This month my perfums is a new buy, I purchased it at the end of may as a little treat to myself. I had tested it the week before, and initially I thought it was very basic, but as the smell developed I noticed the unusual notes and loved how it smelt. I can easily relate it to paco rabanne lady million, as it has that kind of mature yet sexy element to it. However, I find lady million can be a bit sharp and often has the kind of smell that gets caught in your nose and hurts your brain after smelling it for so long - if you catch my drift? and this doesn't do that, it's a lot softer and a bit sweeter so the scent isn't overpowering.

Roberto Cavalli EDP is a musky, sweet scent most probably suited to those aged 20 onwards. It is a grown up scent that can transfer from day to night easily. It has a strong staying power and lasts longer than the majority of my other perfumes. I love it!!

The bottle itself is simple with stylish tweaks such as the animal print bottle neck and the Roberto Cavalli logo lid. I love it because the bottle reflects the perfume, chic and stylish with fun sexy twists.

Notes : Pink Pepper, Orange Flower, Green Mandarin, Mirabelle Plum, Roasted Tonka beans, Laos Benzoin.

Currently you can buy this perfume from escentual for just £34 for 50ml, which is an absoloute bargain (Link). I bought my bottle from here as it was way cheaper than anywhere else. Delivery was quick and affordable!

Thanks for reading guys!
Please comment below and tell me your favourite perfume!

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