Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hey loveliess,

Just wanted to apologise for not blogging for the past two days. I haven't abandoned you, do not panic!!

Hopefully I shall have my shopping spree blog up tomorrow evening!

For now I just thought I'd show where I dined this diner time *You'll get the pun in a sec*

Apparently this is from a chain of American style diners called 'OK DINER'

The food wasn't tremendously excited we had chilli fries and hot and spicy wings (stay away from the wings, the sauce tasted like iron-bru. I don't know how that happened, BUT IT DID). But they did yummy milkshakes.

So yes, Im sorry I haven't had time to do a blog, I spent yesterday working and then shopping, then today TV shopping with my father and chilling with my lovely :D (I know, stressful day eh?). Tomorrow I have work again  till mid afternoon so hopefully I'll get at least one blog posted in the evening.

I am very dedicated to this blog, but im also very dedicated to chilled weekends!! So your more likely to see more of me in the week!

Thanks for reading and keep on following.

Much love rosettes (oh yes, y'all have a name now)



  1. Don't worry about the lack of posts!! We will patiently wait for some more!