Sunday, 14 August 2011

10 Quick Tips

Hola Rosettes

So my posts have definitely been flacking recently,

in both quantity and quality!!

So I thought I'd try and upload a few simple blogs that are quick and easy to write, that hopefully you will all find interesting.

The first in my string of shot blogs is my 10 Quick Tips blog.

Here I'm just going to give you guys 10 simple beauty related tips you may not have known before.


1.Massaging your scalp before shampoo will loosen all dirt and loose skin and therefore make it easier to wash away when you do shampoo. I suggest doing this for 30 seconds at the start of your shower under running warm water to give a deeper clean.
2.Conditioner needs time to be absorbed into your hair, simply applying it then rinsing it off will not give it chance to fulfill it's potential. I tend to leave my conditioner in whilst I clean my face and body, this gives it chance to nourish your hair and leave it soft and glossy.
3. Water is probably the best thing for your complexion. Skin often get dull, dry and spotty because we are dehydrated and therefore our complexions suffer. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin and body fresh and hydrated. If you struggle to drink water try carrying a water bottle round with you. When you get thirsty it's their to hand and is easy to fill up. You'll probably find you drink more than you realise.
4. Even a cheap nail varnish can look good if you use a decent base and top coat. I've made the mistake of not using a base or top coat for years and always been disappointed at the quality of my nail varnishes. I would strongly recommend investing in a decent top coat. For a cheap and effective one use barry M nail hardener, base and top coat (R.R.P around £3.00), if you want a slightly better but more expensive one try one by sally hanson, especially 'hard as nails' (these retail between £6 and £10), then for a more luxurious one try the OPI one, which will vary strongly in price depending where you get it from. I recommend ebay!
5.To get more volume in your eyelashes, before applying the mascara bring your wand as close as you can to the root of your lashes and wriggle back and forth, then rotate the wand a bit to get some more product onto the lashes. The quantity of product will lift the roots and set them in an elevated position so not only will your lashes have volume now, but it will stay there all day. You can continue the wriggling and rotating motions to get a thicker lash if wanted.
6.You don't have to invest in an expensive spot cream to get rid of spots. There are many household items which can transform into miricale spot cures. My two favourites are sudacrem and toothpaste. I find if you dab one of these on a spot over night it will draw out a lot of the redness and help smooth out its appearance.
7. EBAY! I  buy a lot of branded items of ebay, because a lot of wholesalers on their are cheaper than what you could get in the shops. Obviously wholesalers don't have to pay rent or staff a lot of the time so their comission and profit on a lot of the products are cut because they can afford to sell them cheaper. You do have to beware of fakes but feedback can help you with this. Firstly check the photos and compare them to those on the brands website (if there photos that have obviously been found on the internet don't bother and be very wary), also check the feedback. People aren't stupid, if they;ve accidentally bought a fake they will say in the feedback.  A lot of people who wholesale make up on ebay do it in vast quantities so have a lot of feedback, it is obvious whose real and whose not! Thirdly, if the price is to good to be true, the majority of the time IT IS!
8.Google shopping is a great tool for finding cheaper products. What I do is type in the exact product I want, whether it be perfume, make up or clothing and sort the prices from low to high and you can usually find some great deals! And the difference in prices is amazing! You also may find some new internet stores!
9. Don't store your brushes and your make up together. I hate it when your make up gets covered in a loose powdery dust etc, so I've found keeping your brushes seperate to your make up keeps the packaging a lot cleaner. It also means you don't have heavy items of make up bashing on to your brush bristles and bending them and damaging them into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes.
10. If your nail varnish has been left with the lid slightly off and turned into a gloopy mess there is one life saving method. But I would literally recommend this for the nail varnish's last use, and nothing else. If you pour a bit of nail varnish into the pot and shake up it will loosen the texture and you will have a nicer consistency of nail varnish. However, throw it out after this use because the products will seperate and go funny after a while!!

So that was my top 10 quick tips.
If you want more blogs like this let me know
Hope you've had a nice weekend!!



  1. These are great tips!

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I always struggle to drink enough water but I'm always trying!

  3. Great tips :) Enjoyed reading your post

  4. Great Tips..girl I am now your newest follower '
    just tagging along for the ride

    Please check my blog.. hope to see you there hun