Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday Essentials

Hello Rosettes,

So as I told you in my last blog I did spend last week on holiday,

I was only sunning it up in Newquay so obviously climates etc weren't very different

I was camping!
Which called for a lot of help from products which didn't require heat or electricity in order to maintain an acceptable appearance.

Here are just a few of my saviours from the week,

Umberto Giannini Flirty curls Scrunching Jelly

I had wanted to try this product out for ages as I am a huge fan of curling my hair, so I picked up a travel sized bottle from boots recently. This was definitely one of my saviours during my holiday. I couldn't use heat or styling tools on my hair so I needed something that would give it a bit of shape and style without using electricals. This product really gives a lot of lift and texture on the ends of your hair and does so without leaving a crunchy residue. The appearance of your hair after use looks natural and lasts all day. I really enjoyed using this and it's extremely handy when your on the go.

Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Moisturised Shampoo and Conditioner

I've always used head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner because I have quite sensitive scalp. However, on the same trip to boots I noticed both Head and Shoulders and Trevor Sorbie were in a 2 for £6 deal. Trevor Sorbie being the more luxurious competitor in this instance, so obviously I went with that choice. And im oh so glad I did. This duo really adds moisture and shine to your hair and helps to combat frizz and fly aways. It leaves such a smooth sleak finish whilst leaving your hair feeling weightless and volumized. It is all I could ask for in a shampoo and conditioner. The smell of it is the standard Trevor Sorbie one, which im not to keen on - it's rather chemically- but apart from this I love the effect it gives and how it's not to strong to irritate my scalp.

I LOVE ALOE VERA GEL. There. I thought i'd just say it. As someone with pale skin it is inevitable that I burn on holiday. Whether I go to the maldives or Scotland, I will burn, no doubt about it. So I have always taken some kind of aftersun with me. A couple of years ago I discovered Aloe Vera gel after a very painful experience with a sunbed and since then I have never looked back. The pictured gel I picked up in America and it had Lidocaine in it, this is probably the best one i've tried. However the UK's leading brand, I believe, is Banana Boat who do a great job as well. Aloe Vera gel is totally natural and not only does it help combat the burn it is ridiculously soothing. I definitely recommend it for anyone out there preparing to get burnt this summer!!

Barry M Topcoat Basecoat and Nail Hardener.

I do like to have painted summery nails on holiday but the sand and sea damage mean keeping your nails immaculate is a bit of a ball ache. However, this top coat really hardens your nails and leaves your varnish looking shiny and sleek. Another great thing is that, unlike many other top coats, this takes a matter of seconds to dry so you don't have to sit still for hours.
For the past few weeks I have been using the proactive skincare range, but on holiday I found it a bit of a hassle to keep on top of a skin care regime and sometimes I just needed a quick solution. I have always found that in terms of value for money and skin kindness baby wipes top that of face wipes, and I have always loved the Simple version so I really relied on these to keep my face clean. I also used them out and about when I was being a messy pup.

So I hope you lucky lot who may be jetting of on holiday soon found this useful.

And if you are going on holiday have a wonderful time!!!

Lots of loves



  1. ah such a good idea to buy mini travel sized products before buying it in the larger size :) great post lots of essentials i've not long been back of holiday and i've still got post holiday blues haha rainy england isnt the same xx

  2. Hi! The ' body relief' seems good!
    I blog and rank current Japanese beauty secrets in a fun way, so plz check it out! TahnX!