Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Favourites

After a couple of weeks of the ball im getting back on it and doing my August favourites before the month of August is actually over (only by a few hours)

So here are just a few things i've been loving this month and the reasons why!


  1. ELF Stipple Brush ( The brush head is a lot smaller than it looks on the photo).
I adore this brush for applying foundation. It gives a really great light coverage and buffs your foundation in nicely. It's as good a quality as any MAC brush or higher end brush you could pick up for a teeeny weeny fraction of the price. This was in a half price sale at thetime of purchase and cost me just £1.75 (RRP £3.50). You can purchase this at ttp://eyeslipsface.co.uk/product~prodID~227.htm

     2. Chanel Viatlumiere aqua foundation in B10 beige- pastel

Your probably all sick to the back teeth of hearing about this foundation. So all i'll say is that it's a beautiful, light foundation with moderate coverage which doesn't clog my pores at all.
     3.) Bourjois Volume clubbing mascara in Ultra black.

This is a great mascara for adding volume and curve to your lashes. It is quite clumpy, but in a nice way. I love the effect of this. Plus it doesn't smudge or transfer throughout the day.
     4.) ELF mineral eye liner in Black
This just has a really nice creamy formula that transfers onto the eye well and stays put for hours. It's also a very rich black so gives a great smokey effect.

    5.) Bourjois 3D effect lipgloss in Rose Pacific
I adore this lipgloss firstly for it's rosey coral colourm that appears translucent on lips giving a really nice glimmer of colour to nude or coral lips. It also is a totally non sticky formula so glides on easily and lasts longer than expected!

    6.) Vera Wang Love struck perfume

For all the lovers of Vera Wang Princess there is a new girl in town. The Sweet and musky aromas of Princess remain in this new addition but it is now accompanied by more grown up floral and citrusy undertones. I actualy prefer this to princess, and I am a long time lover of that fragrance but I do feel that this one has a much more grown up feel  about it, even though it stills bares a girly and pretty tone. The fragrance is not quite as sweet as princess but is slightly more musky. The fragrance is a lot more delicate and light but is equally beautiful. Im pretty rubbish at describing perfumes so im going to cut myself of here before I make a fool of myself.

So that was a very short selection of products I've enjoyed using this month.

I hope your enjoying reading my blogs again and if you want to see more let me know in the comments section.

Much Love


  1. Lovely post, I have to agree with you on the Stipple brush as I was a bit worried when I heard some negative reviews but I really love the brush :)


  2. awesome favorites,
    really want to try the Chanel foundations but the price puts me off so much, but what can i expect it is Chanel :p xxxxx

  3. Great post, the Vera Wang perfume sounds divine! xo

  4. I absolutely LOVE lovestruck! its gorgeous! :)

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  6. wow! we have the same name haha my name is emily rose tooo. rose is my middle name! so funny


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