Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Apologies & explanations

Well hello there stranger!!!

It has been a while.

So first up,
sorry I haven't posted anything in ages, I have been on holiday for a week and before and after that was generally really really busy!! (If you want too see some holiday photos please comment and let me know). However, hopefully I shall be able to find lots of little pockets of time to scribble down a few decent blogs for my lovely followers.

Second up,

I have hit 100+ followers.
Now in the blogging world that doesn't sound like a lot but,
I haven't told any of my family and friends about this blog so all my followers are literally people who have discovered my blog and decided to follow, and a hundred people are a lot of people (imagine 100 people infront of you, that's a lot)

So thank you to everyone who's followed and please keep doing so,

What else?

I do just have to hit on the terrible things that have been going on in the UK, I live close to Birmingham, Wolverhampton and West Brom who have all been hit by the terrible riots that are occuring. I haven't seen any of this first hand, but watching news reports and a like is literally one of the scariest things. The idea that you can feel unsafe in your own town and country and can feel threatened by your neighbours and your countries inhabitants is evil and shocking. It seems that the rioting has lost it's original motive and that people are jumping on the band wagon as it is almost becoming a trend in younger people. It really makes me sick. And my heart goes out to all those people who have worked all their lives to build a succesfull buisness only to have it ruined by scumbags through no fault of their own.

I really hope that people come to there senses and put an end to this madness now.

Sorry to end on a negative note.
Hopefully this will be followed by a beauty related blog.


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