Sunday, 15 April 2012

A tribute!

Hey Guys!

It has definitely been a while, but I'm back, armed and ready for a new commitment to blogging! I shaln't be posting too much in April as my university deadlines are the end of this month, but come may I will be uni free with plenty of time to blog! So watch this space!

So, to start my return I wanted to play tribute to an item I have used so much over the past year I never stopped to realise I truly loved it!

This honour goes to my modalu London bag. A totally impulsive purchase from my trustworthy tk max.

Id firstly like to mention that this bag has been used daily for the whole year, it has been weighed down by chunky uni books, tossed carelessly in and out of my car and dragged abroad a few times, and has it aged one bit? UH-UH! I am seriously jealous, not even Barry manalow has anti ageing properties to rival this bag!

It's real leather with zip and studd details! The lining is purple and it has a large interior pocket with a smaller exterior one! I can fit my huge dell Inspiron in it, so iPads and kindles will fit in no problem! I've never seen this bag elsewhere, I've browsed websites and eBay and never come across it! I can only guess its from an older season!!

This bag is so classic and versatile when it comes to outfit! And bring such a large bag it has great slimming benefits! I honestly hold a great torch for the brand itself, who have been hosted by such celebral arms as pippa Middleton!

They are designer so come with a £200+ price tag, however being tk max this was reduced to £99 - WIN! You often find the lesser known modalu models on the tk maxx racks, however after much searching I've never managed to find a pippa, which tends to sell out everywhere!

All I have left to say is ... Get yourself a modalu! It's a really great arm candy investment!

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  1. This is a gorgeous bag! Yay for Tk Maxx, love the bargains in there. Glad you're back to the blogging, I know how it is with the uni deadlines :(

    Be great if you could check out my latest giveaway.