Thursday, 26 January 2012

My Return and Latest Finds ..

Hola Rosettes!!

My sincere apologies for not posting anything in what seems like forever. I got very bogged down with work and uni and then of course Christmas came along and stole my attention for sometime. But... for one reason and another I now have a lot more time on my hands and plan to dedicate some more time to this blog, working and developing it and hopefully getting it to a great standard with regular pics, more posts and better topics.

As it has been such a century since I wrote a blog post I thought I would let you know about my latest discoveries. I'll start with the face stuff and progress to make-up.

My first great find came in my christmas glossybox. This was only my second glossybox and as the first one (November issue) really disappointed me. The ever so festive christmas box that followed TOTALLY helped the brand redeem itself. The product I have loved most is the FAB (First-aid-beauty) face cleanser. I love this product for it's sheer simplicity. It's not heavily fragranced, it doesn't use harsh chemicals and it doesn't irritate the skin. For those who have never read my posts before, I have extremely dry and sensitive skin so products like these are my saviour. I adore this creamy cleanser, it is such a simple product which made it so hard to understand the drastic difference it made in my skin. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised after use and leaves a very refreshed look. It has kept all spots at bay and given my skin a new lease of life. I love it. The only downside is you need to use a second product for blackheads as this doesn't quite tackle the them. The price tag is also a stumbling block at £14.99 for the full bottle.

The second skin product I have been loving is the botanics brightening toner. This is available from boots and you get a whopping 350ml for about £5. I've had my bottle since October and I haven't used half of it yet. Again it is a simple yet effective product. All the botanics range is extremely natural and therefore kind to the skin. I never really saw a toner as an important part of a skin regime... until now that is. The toner managed to remove excess dirt from your face after even the most intense of washes and leaves your face bright, refreshed and soft. I will be repurchasing this for a long time yet as it had totally changed my view of toners and it is such good value for money!

I also took the recommendation of the pixiwoo girls who rave about oilatums natural repair moisturiser and this has now fast become my favourite moisturiser. It again is a simple unfragranced product great for sensitive skin.

On to the make up...

I went through a short faze of using the chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation. This has to be one of the most raved about products in blogging history (strongly rivalled by the naked palette). However, this was a foundation that although good, was not the best for my skin type and in my eyes not worth the price tag. I found the formulation a little drying and it didn't last that long. So I went in search of an alternative and came across a gem. That gem comes in at just £10.00 and is made by a drugstore company (apologies for the americanism). It far beats any foundation I have tried before including MAC foundations, chanel foundation and many many others. This item comes in the form of boujois (I have no idea if I spelt that correctly) healthy mix foundation, I use shade 52 which is perfect. This is just an ideal consistency and provides a medium coverage and a beautiful dewy finish. It's lasts a long time and covers many sins. I simply haven't got enough time and space to list all the great things about this product and rave about it enough. I strongly recommend it for anyone!!

Im just going to review one more product so this post doesn't turn into an essay. This is the Stila bronzing powder. I had only previously used stila's gel eyeliner which was extremely disappointing and had never dabbled in the brand since. But I came across this powder in Tk maxx (my first love :D) reduced to about £3.99 and unusually for tk maxx fully intact and un damaged. It is a matte bronzer and it's shade appears slightly lighter than the majority of bronzers. However I love it. It's great for contouring and adding color. It is also very finely milled and blends super easily. If I can find somewhere that sells it I will definitely repurchase :)

So that's it for my return post but I will be back shortly.

A few extras....

1. Before xmas I did hint I would start making videos but just as I published that my self confidence crawled back into it's shell and I've chickened out for now!
2. Please let me know what kind of posts you'd like to see, I do aim to please..
3.Look at my new babies. JOBIS boots reduced from £100 to £20 (from tk maxx so you do have to take the supposid £100 starting price with a pinch of salt!)

Beige wedge booties :) I have a similar pair from new look in black which I LOVE! They're great for winter as have the extra height from the wedge but there's a great deal of grip on the sole so they're fine in icey weather. I'd actually choose to wear these on icey days over my uggs (apologies for shoddy quality).

So thats it lovelies.
I'll be back soon please let me know what you want to see
Much Love
Emily Rose



  1. So pretty! Those wedges are amazzzzzing! Want them!

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  2. just came across your blog..really nice

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