Monday, 28 January 2013

Room Tour in Pictures

For the past year I have been revamping my bedroom!
It has now gone from a fuschia teenage den, to a shabby-chic boudoir (however it does still look a bit childish).
I thought I'd share with you guys a few of my favourite parts of my room!

Curtains- Dunelm
Duvet Cover - Ikea
Friends Photo frame - Gift

Rose Print Canvas - Ebay
Jewellery Wall Box - TKmaxx
Perfume Metal Poster- Antique Shop

Star Lights - Poundworld
White Paper Roses - The Range
Cushion - Ebay
Wicker Heart (Below)- Dunelm

Jewellery Stand- Gift
Necklaces - Mainly Primark

Voile Curtains - Dunelm
Tye Backs - Ebay
Photo Frame - TKmaxx
'love' tea light holder - NEXT
White ramikin candle - Primark
Red Velvet Candle - Yankee Candle
Trinket Box - Sentimental Gift
Blind - Argos

Wardrobe and Draws - Ikea
Hanging Wardrobe storage -Ikea
(I don't collect bisto, my nan collects 2p's and 1p's in them and gives them to me)
Union Jack waterproof swimwear pouch - Primark

Picture Frames - TKmaxx
Strawberry Buttercream Candle - Yankee Candle
Small Photo frame and trinket box - gifts
Painted Shell - Street seller in Portugal
Desk Organiser - Wilkinsons

Strawberry Cakes Tin - TKmaxx
Red stripe make-up bag - Natio

                                                  Mirror - The Range
                                                  Heart - Gift
                                                  Cherub - Gift
Perfumes - Various
Large Picture Frame - Gift
Butterfly Photo frame - NEXT
Hatbox- Gift
Caravan ornament - Gift shop in Padstow
Me to You 18 bear - Gift

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my room!



  1. Lovely new decor in your room! Shabby chic is one of my fav decors xx

  2. your room is so lovely! Love the curtains and roses on your bed! so cute x